OOC (Out of Character)

OK, I've now invited 8 players to the game. It should be obvious whose been invited because you can see they are players in the game. I'm going to give people a few more days to finish off their characters before we really start. You can start thinking about how to start by looking in Chapter 0.

Is there a thread for Rolling? I didn't see one but I see some people have HP. How?

They rolled privately.

Which Lords are you looking for. You can look in the Background folder for more information. I'm slowly updating that too.

We don't know yet. That will be decided in Chapter 0. There are some ideas and it could be that one baron has no assistants and another has 2. It's kind of up to the barons.

Huzza! Equipment List Completed, I feel as though I may post now! (Well at least today sometime!)


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