OOC (Out of Character)

No biggie. Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to hold off on any major earthshaking developments till then.

Sorry about my absences - I've been having some trouble with my ISP, but it looks like everything's straightened out. Sorry if I contributed to any delays.

Originally Posted by Decker
Jareed steped forward as well. ... He made his best attempt to recover and give his best diplomatic response;
Whoa! How did he get a +16 to his diplomacy? I've only got a +15 <<grin>>

Hehehe, Ty! I appreciate the nod. As I hadn't done anything to offend anyone, if anyone was indifferent to me, then at least wherever I go I hope we can start off with friendly diplomatic relations!

Question for everyone: When do you guys tend to post the most? For me, it's easiest during the day, but I just want to get an idea so I don't move things along and not give everyone a chance to post, ya know?

For me it really depends; I have internet access at work, but work weekends. Depending on how busy work is, I can usually crank out a few posts then, else it's evenings, Wednesdays and Thursdays when I have the most free time.

For me it is primarily Mon-Fri early mornings, Mon-Thur daytime, and occasionally at night, but rarely on weekends.

Cool. I'm going to be pretty ready on my end when the baron's are decided. I've got maps and spreadsheets ready to go.

So everyone knows

Hi everyone:
Wanted to give everyone an idea so they can start their planning on their baronies (or at least start to think about it).
  • Everyone will get maps for their baronies.
  • The barons will start with at least 50 BP (see my notes elsewhere about how to get more BP).
  • Everyone will have a starting village with some houses and one other random starting building (the Island Barony is the exception to the randomness).
  • Everyone will get experience points quickly once the baronies are established.
  • His Majesty is a gracious Lord (that will become apparent).
  • Not every Baron needs to have an assistant, though it will help to have one (or more than one) [this gives incentives to be nice to those who don't want to be Barons]

Oh yes, can everyone please make sure they finish their character and either attach it to the game or send me the link. Thanks.


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