Game Start Time

Game Start Time

here's some concrete dates, for those that want to know:

I'm getting married May 27, so I'm be a bit busy for a while... and I plan on disappearing for about 3 weeks after that...
so the game will officially start:

Wednesday, June 22

All characters must be done by this date. Yes, I know it is far away right now, but that just means you have more time to work on your backstory... right?

For those that wish, I can run mini-missions prior to that point on a per-character basis. But the full game will start on June 22.

I'm back! I'll put the first official game post up tonight. If people can link their character sheets to the game, it would help me immensely.

For those who started early, are you just having us all meet somewhere now? Just asking.

I'll get you all in the same place somehow...


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