Najwa Dzaghig

Najwa Dzaghig

Please add your backstory, than feel free to add any other notes you want. I'll post whenever I come across major info that is unique to your character.

If this thread ever gets too long and you want me to consolidate/clean up info, let me know.

Najwa was born into a small clan of Halfling wanderers. They never stayed long in one place. Many treated them as if they were gypsy's and thieves, while others welcomed them with open arms. They never stayed at Inns at the places they visited but preferred to set up camp on the outskirts.

Najwa's mother was very handy at making things and a wonderful healer. She tried to teach Najwa what she knew but it never quite worked out. Najwa wanted more adventure than finding things to heal others. Her father was an amazing thief and usually collected the things her mother needed. Najwa trained under her father and even kept her father's favorite saying with her. "May you live in interesting times."

Najwa left the wandering when she was old enough to go off on her own. She wanted to challenge herself rather than just stealing herbs and other healing necessities.

During her journey's she discovered Alchemists, and watched them create things that made holes in walls. She loved it and wished she knew how to make them. Whenever she can, she has a tendency to try and steal one of the exploding things for later use.

She became bored with the normal places and had heard of a place called Magada where crime seemed to be low. She took this as a sort of challenge, thinking that this new place needed someone like her to spice it up. She booked passage since she had no idea where it was and smiled, thinking of her new adventure

1) As a rogue, do you plan on just stealing things or will you try to hide behind an "honest" profession.
A couple of "honest" professions if you need ideas: messenger, shop-hand, chimney sweep, stable-hand, cook, bar-maid, servant, rat-catcher, gardener, peddler, scribe, etc.

2) Did you come to Magada legally or illegally? (ie. book passage/stow away)

3) I have several different scenarios for how everyone gets together, would you like to role-play your part? or do you want me to just tell you when we start the game officially with everyone together? (If we roleplay it, I can't promise a regular posting schedule on my part)

1) Im gonna go with Bar maid for an honest profession. This way I can get useful information by listening to customers
2) Finished my background so it should answer this question
3) It depends on what everyone else is going to do.

well, so far I have one other person "exploring the city"... so if you want to as well, I'm fine with that.

If you want to roleplay your arrival to Magada, I'll need a couple more questions answered:
1) how old is your character?
2) how well off do you plan on appearing? did you have your own room on the ship that brought you here, or did you ride in the cargo hold with the poorest passengers?
3) how much stuff did you arrive with? just the clothes on your back, a single pack, or a lot more?
4) Are trying to look like a human child? (I know some haflings do that... achieving various amounts of success )

1) 21
2) I plan on appearing as well off as any bar maid. Not righ, not poor, enough to pay for clothes and maybe a room
3)I arrived with a few changes of clothes, everything listed on my character sheet, and toilitries (so I can be clean), I rode in the cargo with the poorer passengers
4)No I am not, cause then I couldnt work as a barmaid

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