Aleandar OOC III

I must say, it does feel good. Now I dont have to get curbstomped by Vier. Although, I probably still will.

Looking at things differently now, JC scares me. With 14 daughters, thats alot of divine power. Asuming hes following the cleric up one side of the build rule.

Ah. Might submit my death knight cohort if its compliant with the rules.

Have fun winning that fight wiith the grandmaster.

oh and moir and one of belars cohorts totally need to get a cloak of the consort for vier.


Its a very powerful artifact that grants pretty large protection, but it maes you vulnerable to matrons.

+6 deflection to Ac, and a -3 on saves made my drow females or something like that.

Its nice, and useful.

Question for the matron and the House wizard. Belar, does not have the usual +5 inherent to each stat. Any chance he can get at least a few of them?

Out of curiosity, Male Drow noble is above Female Drow guard on the food chain right? He can say stuff? Like from preistess to noble, from noble to guard?


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