Aleandar OOC III

well, yes. House Aleander gives a lot of focus on Rank. which is why Veir could order around his female underlings,

As a general rule, Priestess PCs > Female PCs > Male PCs > Female NPCS > Male NPCs

Assuming everything above is drow. Non drow are automatically below any of those.


True, unless they are being shown favour from someone far above you. IE - the matrons personal mindflayer would still be someone you should show respect for.

Drow society is complex.

I would respectfully put an end to him.

I don't like mindflayers. =) (Sorry Kenas)

ya, and you might get a chance later... but right now, your character is physically and mentally incapable of doing ANYTHING that will directly or indirectly harm house aleander

I like them, and this one has been very handy, if i get a chance, i might make a new cohort.... im thinking of rebuilding 1 of them to be a Mindflayer/something funky.

What? Howd that come about? Just curious. Not that, you know, Id actually do anything.

Heh, Im close to finished with my cohort. Any tips on Items?

i'll look and give tips.

and i thought i mentioned it, it was the 1 command we gave the Ice Assassin. Trust isnt a nice word in Mezzo, but this gives Belar a chance to prove his loyalty without a) risk to our house, and b) risk to Belar. (if the ice assassin dies, we can create a new one, or Rez Belar)

I would like to point out that mind flayers are actually above basically everyone on the food chain and although we don't have a lot of official positions in drow society, we are usually granted the respect a brain-eating, Cthulu-knockoff, abomination, from beyond time deserves .

Pssh. A nice Anti psi weapon through you makes you equal to us. Although I do have respect for psionics. Im trying to get a psi cohort myself.


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