Aleandar OOC III

A nice anti-psi weapon makes me a fighter, except without the BAB, feats, HP, proficiencies, or Fort saves. With all of these psionic cohorts I think that Aleander might be the next Oblodra.

I c wat u did thar

And really? I can't see the sheets yet, as you can't see mine. Im pretty sure my house would notice if you all got added.

I plan on having a modified polymorph incase you ever try to eat The Tinkerer's brain >_>

Anyone who has seen what happened to the Illithid which went to raid Mithril Hall's in the Drizzt book's will know the modification.

I would advise against anyone trying to eat Veirs brain...

And while those brain-eaters ARE more respected then almost any other race, the arrogance of Drow knows no bounds.

I really don't plan on eating anybody's brain in this house, but if I could get a shot at a beholder hive mother, I think we could be a power that nobody in Menzo would mess with.

Maybe I'll send you all on that mission, once you complete the one your one now.... HINT HINT HINT!

And what might that be? Im socializing. Waiting on Rock to set up an appointment for my cohort, then Ill say hi to a few others, and depart.

Right now? they are off on a 1 day mission to retrieve something for the Matron.


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