Aleandar OOC III

What? How boring. I was planning on sending one of my cohorts along. They take so long to build though. Last I remember they hadn't left the city. Just were headed out.

They were watched leaving the city. they are long gone now. and technically back before Belar ever joins the house. (the adventure was day 6. back on day 7, belar "joined" day 8)

Ah. Never mind then. But a cohort with a fast phantom steed could catch them. Maybe.

not since they are back.

you would have had to send the cohort before your ever came to house aleander.

Right. Im still in the thread announcing you having left.

Ive technically had the cohorts since day 5. Ive just never finished them.

I gotcha. so ya, you could have them being followed. just let me know, and I can tell you what your cohort sees/hears. and you can tell me how he reacts.

Cool. I still have to finish him. Hes the sneaky construct, just checking but since this isn't Eberron we don't get warforged right?

you'll have to ask DB.

This isnt Ebberon, but we have Artificers, and hell, we have Tomes. I doubt Warforged are going to be an issue.

I know thats why I asked.

Dumb matrons not knowing the answer to life.

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