Aleandar OOC III

Well, i know he has allowed Warforged (I have one)

but i dont feel like I could authorize others, since he is limiting things by "how many", as well as just "in" and "out

Ah. I feel better about my chances now.

Gosh Jreece, when has he gotten out? I don't remember seeing him in a public IC...

He hasnt. His duties are all in the house.... if you want to meet him, I'll bring him into your IC thread...

That would be nice. Id like to see what you did with him.

Wait so what DOES he do?

He makes things. not nearly as well as the Tinkerer, but he can do it without the need for sleep. I'll have him come in.

Ah. Im debating the need for one of those. An item crafter that is. Maybe later.

ya, we had a good assassin build for Aleander.... but tragically he just become Flayer Food.

Huh. I fit in more than I thought. My cohort would very much like to get a bump to 14th level.

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