Kalistria, Lands of Adventure

Kalistria, Lands of Adventure

Kalistria, Lands of Adventure:

The world had changed much in the past one hundred years. A century it took for all the changes to manifest and conjoin with the natural order. Man had been altered along with the rest of the natural world. The dawn of the new age came in a devastating way, forever leaving its mark on the earth. Events unfolded during a tumultuous time, and the gods did wage war against an old enemy, but were only marginally successful in minimizing what fate had in store. The effects of this power being released sent those gods into madness. The consciousness of the gods that fell prey to this madness now were scattered and changed into something alien. Even their desires and thoughts were given new form, thus becoming a new creation to be feared. Soon the gods turned on each other - some died, some fled to parts unknown, and some simply ceased to exist. The world was left adrift and without order. This corrupter tempted all, even the very elements fell victim. The continent of Kalistria is now the focus of much turmoil and tragedy. The enemy had been turned back, but the world was without guidance and became filled with an alien power that threatened the very souls of men...

[Proclamation posted on nearby wall...]

Behold the colossal ruins of Abbadon! Famed for the riches to be plundered and the dangers to behold! Spanning 1600 squar miles, this once lively city-state had fallen by the hand of the gods for their sacrilage and decadence. Abbadon now is accessable to all fool-hardy and rugged individuals seeking adventure and fame!

Please seek an audience with Chancellor Janernis Grieffinder, Surpeme Council of Antiquities for more information

Royal proclamation by his majesty the Emperor Rothatray Fatehonor II

The adventure begins at the office of the Chancellor Janernis Grieffinder in the Surpeme Council of Antiquities building. This is heavily guarded and does not give access to just anyone off the street. Weapons will be confiscated once inside the heavy wooden doors and the group is escorted to a small waiting area that has few seats and nothing much else to view. You find yourselves standing in front of the Chancellor himself after a short wait and a few questions are asked to confirm the intentions of the group. It is also conveyed to the group that Emperor Fatehonor tolerates strangers and free-booters in his city as long as they comply with the laws.

You find out that Abbadon is not far from the gate to the city of Ravenwise. This gate is on the old quater side where most adventurers and other travelers stay. The Chancellor demands 20% of the value of your haul, for certain items are donated to prosperity in the Imperial Museum and these will be confiscated along with anything else found if these rules are not followed. Compensation will be given for such items as long as they are deemed a legal salvage. Five gold is asked of each person to gain a charter to explore the ruins, otherwise you violate the Decree of salvage and will be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Each of you are granted one week before the charter expires. "Any questions?" the Chancellor says rather aloof and dismissive as if you are not of a huge importance and leafs through more paperwork on his desk.

Noela shifts her weight nervously as she stands aside the other adventurers, the missing weight of her sword making her feel like she'll topple over at any moment. With a tinge of anger she speaks: "Specifically what is considered a legal salvage? And why so many fees and restrictions? You make it sound like some kind of a... a tourists attraction. Are the ruins truely so unremarkable?" Remembering herself she straightens up and adds a simple polite "Ser."

Vornsereg lets out a slight grunt looking hard at the Chancellor then his surroundings. His calloused hands slowly twitch for his blood bringer.In a some what amused voice he states
"Legal Salvage hu? Sounds....like a bad raid"
a slight smirk comes to Vornseregs face at the small joke he made and looks around to the other adventurers.

Aerandir rubs his hands together for a moment before pulling out his journal and placing his charter into the pocket on the front cover. Unable to contain himself and wait for an official answer, he tries to address Noela's latter question, "Unremarkable? Far from it, these ruins are filled with great history that I could spend many lifetimes researching, and it gets far more dangerous the deeper one goes. Even the outer edges can be perilous; I almost lost my life once while I was studying some glyphs a few years back. Luckily there were some guards or something for a group nearby. It has been a while, I cannot recall the legal salvage rules, however, probably changed anyways since I have last been here. So, I have to second that question."

He smiles weakly and flips his journal open to the next blank page and jots a note of obtaining his current charter and the date, "Name is Verthas by the by. I am not overly keen to try and repeat my close encounter with death in there, so if you are interested in partnering up, I would certain welcome the company. I know my way around the outer edges easily, so you do not have to worry about getting lost with me."

Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
He smiles weakly and flips his journal open to the next blank page and jots a note of obtaining his current charter and the date, "Name is Verthas by the by. I am not overly keen to try and repeat my close encounter with death in there, so if you are interested in partnering up, I would certain welcome the company. I know my way around the outer edges easily, so you do not have to worry about getting lost with me."
Noela turns to face Verthas and smiles back politely. "Noela Toncrey. If you have prior knowledge of the area I'd be very glad to join you. I certainly wouldn't like to get lost wandering around by myself in an uncharted area."

The Chancellor cleared his throat in an obvious attempt to regain the attention of those that stood now before him. "Salvage can be a tricky affair. I would best describe salvage that is worth anything is worth something to the Crown. Also there may be remnants of old world technology uncovered during exploration. I would advise you to leave these things alone for they have strange power if they work at all. Now you could opt to trade anything found to the gate sentry on duty or risk selling them to a collector. I would advise against the latter though, since some may be fences and scoundrels. The Crown does not pay as much as market value, for the privilege of enhancing the Empire holds more value than mere coinage. Now if there is nothing else you require of me, I must get back to my work." he said in his monotone voice. Never ceasing his activities that tied him to his desk of papers and other odd-bits of relics, his eyes darted back and forth to see if anyone had more questions, since the latter one had been answered coincidently by the one named Verthas, after he had introduced himself.

Vornsereg lets out a slight scoff at hearing the Chancellors remarks and mutters. "aye i think id rather take my chances with dem scoundrels than the gaurds" he then turns to Noela and Aerandir hearing talk of a group "aye id like ta tag along if yi dont mind. My names Vornsereg by the way " He says nodding curtly Be good to go with a group save ya know where ya goin"

"I'm Bellicoso Bartholomew, though you can call me BB. I think there is some justification in the strength of numbers and would like to accompany you as well." Says an average height human with read hair.

"Nothing, I think. I'll take my leave now, ser." Turning to her future companions beside her she adds: "I'll meet you all on the path out of town, if it's all the same. " With that Noela bows and, turning on heel, steps quickly out of the room to reclaim her weapon.

"Thank you Chancellor, I'll be sure to see what salvage is best in Empirical hands and make recommendations that they go to such. The things you have plenty of, I'm sure you won't mind passing on elsewhere," Verthas nods politely to the gentleman behind the desk.

He then turns towards the exit, glancing at his to-be companions for his later trek, "I will be a few hours to handle personal business, but the path out of town sounds like an excellent place to meet up."


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