Glimnab Dinoaen Vareskor Fastdrinker Van O'Harley

Glimnab Dinoaen Vareskor Fastdrinker Van O'Harley

Please add your backstory, than feel free to add any other notes you want. I'll post whenever I come across major info that is unique to your character.

If this thread ever gets too long and you want me to consolidate/clean up info, let me know.

1) Near University Avenue, is the "Street of Alchemists" where the 9 current members of the Alchemists Guild work. will you have your shop there? or somewhere else?

2) Do you have plans to join the Alchemist guild or will you be an independent?
Alchemist Guild Benefits: cheaper access to materials, sharing of discoveries, insurance in case of major disasters(ie, they'll help you when your shop blows up), and stimulating conversations every Thursday night.
Alchemist Guild Rules: minimum selling prices for all products, no illegal activity, all new discoveries must be shared, you must remain an upstanding citizen, and you must attend to at least one meeting a month.
Initial membership fee: 60gp
Monthly Dues: 5gp

WAIT - no illegal activity? Drat, I guess I'll have to risk getting kicked out. Good thing I'm planning on having potions of Disguise Self and suchlike on me always, for my more nefarious activities =D Speaking of fees, how much gold are we getting to start? And, as a Guild Alchemist, how much cheaper are the components? And what do you mean by "sharing of discoveries"?

And I don't know if I want to have a shop there. Is there a single Guild-wide shop, with the respective Alchemical labs on the "Street of Alchemists," or is it a bunch of different shops on the street, with the labs in the back? If there's a single Guild-wide shop, then I'd rather have my lab in my house; otherwise, I think I'll have my lab and shop on that street - I'll name it "Firesbrew and Bombs: Spirits, Potions, and other Alchemical Wonders Inside" ("Firesbrew" is the Common translation of the Gnomish Vanakaer).

My backstory is as follows: In my world-travels, I took my great and lazy intellect to the task of cheating at dice. After wandering across the known cities, winning and losing fortunes - and having to quaff many an Expeditious Retreat and Invisibility extracts to escape - I made enough money to join the Alchemist Guild in this city. I did so for the generous insurance policy, as I was in habit of blowing up my lab fairly frequently ... Declaring myself a cast-off son of a wealthy, if terribly provincial, Gnome craftsman as a cover for my ill-gotten gains, I continue my nefarious lifestyle in this city, making it my playground.

I'm going to be trying for some combination of Dorian Grey and Jekyll/Hyde in my character, as I play at being a Victorian-era Lord, complete with a manor (paid for with stolen goods) as my base of operations. I'll have my secret lab in there, where I work on Mutagens and more illegal Alchemical creations, like poisons and such.

A couple questions:
1) Mechanically, how could I go about doing that - would I Sleight-of-Hand dice to roll the way I want, or should I make trick dice and SoH switch them with the real ones and back? If I make trick dice, what kind of crafting check would that take?
2) to make poisons, would I need to make a Craft (poison) check, or can I just use a Craft (alchemy) check?
3) I think I'm going to go into Master Craftsman and Craft Wondrous Item ... would I be able to get cheap materials through the Guild for them? And would I be able to have someone else cast a spell in the process of Craft Wondrous Item to make things the straight Alchemist can't, like a Bag of Holding?

concerning weapons, I'm planning on taking Weapon Finesse (since my main skills are Dex based, and with a Reduce Person I'll become Tiny-sized, which reduces my Str and increases my Dex anyway). I know that technically it's not included in the description for Weapon Finesse, but can I use a sword cane (from the Advanced Player's Guide) as a finesse weapon? It's technically considered a One-Handed melee weapon (45g, small 1d4/x2, 4lb, P), but I'm taking the Master Tinker Gnome variant (APG p.15) so I'm auto-proficient if I forge it myself ... I just think it'll be super stylish and cool.

If not, I can take a rapier or something instead...

also: can I take the Eberron feat Extraordinary Artisan, which is 25% off the base price of any crafted item - so, if I brew a potion of CLW, the base price is (spell level) x (caster level) x 50g = 1 x 5 x 50 = 250g. This feat would take off 62g 5s, so the total price would be 187g 5s.

Every alchemist in the guild has their own shop, and labs in the back. They all have specialties, and some are more competitive than others when it comes to actually selling their wares. (The guild posts an average price for all the basic items, and most members stick to those prices... though a two like to regularly battle each other for lower prices. The guild 'minimum price' is the cheapest anyone is allowed to sell the item for.)

The street of alchemists is a bunch of (relatively) widely spaced houses with shops on the bottom and labs out back. Of the twelve buildings, two look brand new, and three are clearly empty.

Unless there is an official rule, I'm going to use this:
making trick dice: craft (dice material). Your craft check to make them will be the DC for others to detect them normally. your craft check divided by 5 will be the number of times you can meta-roll them to try to get the number you weighted them to.

you will probably have better luck using slight of hand to swap your loaded dice in, but I'll have to do more research... I haven't done much with cheating at dice

as for poison:
use craft(poisonmaking), plus you get synergy bonuses for high alchemy ranks
I plan on using this guy's tables for DC's and the like: Poison Info
remember you have a (I believe 5%) chance of poisoning yourself by accident!

Spell casting is frowned upon in Magada. There are some minor wizards & sorcerers at the University, but they spend more time reading books then casting spells. However, one of your group members is a sorceress, (Ohmsford) you can ask her if she might be willing to cast the spells you need.

I'm going to say no to the extraordinarily artisan. But you can have the sword-cane. You can't start the game by owning a mansion, but knowing you guys, it won't take very long to aquire the money to buy one. I'll make sure to put information on the wealthy part of town in my "Information" section

i don't really know if there IS any information about cheating at dice in-game; possibly, the idea of a D&D character cheating at dice rolls was too antithetical to imagine >_< I found "trick dice" in the pathfinder APG (p.187), but no rules as to using them, only on detecting them :/
... is there any way to make *alchemical* trick dice? I'd love to be able to use Craft (Alchemy) instead of a new, rarely-useful Craft (trick dice).

anyway, i think i'll take a lab on the street, then. I might try to carve out a niche of "alchemical" wondrous items once I get the feats down (Master Craftsman at 5th -> Craft Wondrous Item at 7th), or "alchemically" enhanced magic weapons and armor (Craft Magic Arms and Armor at 7th instead) ...
And I'll leave poisons to Illuminaire, since that seems to be his shtick.

Thanks for the sword-cane! but on crafting: do I need to roll for items that I *could* craft (like alchemical items, or the sword cane) if i'm starting with them? For example, should I roll for crafting my sword here, and potentially lose half the material costs if i fail by 5 or more, or just assume that I've made the weapon and lost no gold?

because there are no rules for it, I'm basing my rules off trick dice in real life.
you do not use craft(trick dice), you use craft(material)
so, for wooden dice: craft(woodworking)
for metal dice: craft(metalworking)
for clay dice: craft(pottery)
for stone or bone dice: craft(stoneworking)
I'll come up with an exact table for cheating with dice before the game starts.

any items you start with, you must buy instead of craft. So it will cost you the price of the item, not the price of the materials.

oh! ok, in that case: what's the most common type of dice IC? Like, IRL I wouldn't try to cheat with wooden dice, since most people only use plastic ones.

And for me to be proficient in my sword-cane, i need to craft it (Master Tinker racial trait: +1 to Knowledge (engineering), +1 to Disable Device, gain proficiency with all weapons personally crafted) ... So I kind of need to make it, you see :/
All the other items, alchemical or otherwise, I don't need to craft.

then I'll need to see your skills before I can decide how much the sword cane will cost.
the higher your craft(weapon) skill, the cheaper the cane will be...
I'll look up the DC, and you can either try rolling for it(like a normal craft skill), or take the number I state(the average based on statistics). But, if you try rolling it, you will not be able to take the number I state.

the type of dice will probably depend on where you are,
a cheap pub: wooden, clay or bone dice
an upscale tavern: stone or metal dice(iron, copper)
a rich guy's mansion: metal dice(gold, silver)


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