Mirabella's Arrival

Mirabella's Arrival

It is mid-afternoon as you step off the boat. Your first view of the dock is chaos. There are lots of bodies running back and forth, working to get the cargo off the boat as fast as possible so the ship can leave with the evening tide. The crowd seems mostly human, but you glimpse other small people running around as well. Only a few humans disembarked when you did, and they seemed to know exactly where they were going as they made a beeline for the main road that leads to the city gates.

Mira takes in the chaos that is the docks, trying to survey the best path through. One that will leave her without any bruises. She was used to this type of thinking, humans tended the only focus on themselves and their current task, never for the little one running by their feet. She chose a path that would get her directly to the main road. Taking a deep breathe she headed into the hustle of the crowd.

She cut in and out, dogging feet and legs of humans easily as she made her way towards the main gate. Her destination was the Arcane College. She needed to set up her cover as a student if she was to get away with any of her plans in this city.

The gate looms before her, and she notices 1 halfling and 3 human guards stationed there. The guards are wearing gleaming chain and armor, with a picture of a blue gem embossed in the center of their breastplates. They don't seem to be stopping very many people, instead, they are merely observing traffic.

"You look new here," the halfling guard approaches her. He smiles, "Can we help you with anything?"

Mira was so fascinated by the large gate infront of her that she didn't realized the Halfling was approaching her. However, her Viper did. She felt her start sliding down her arm, she looked to see the Halfling aproaching. She hissed quietly to her snake, telling it to stay.

"You look new here," the halfling guard approaches her. He smiles, "Can we help you with anything?"

Mira didn't need help, but she did wish to reach her destination swiftly and her lack of knowledge about this city would certainly slow her down.
"Yes actually. I'm looking for the University, I'd find it myself but I'm slightly lost. She did her best to put on a
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 20)
cute and charming face.

The guard smiles back at her, "The best way is to head straight down this road, to the
I'll try to get a basic map up for the Federal Center today
Federal Center. At the circle with the big statue in the middle, turn left. Magada University is the biggest building after you leave the Federal Center, you can't miss it!"

"Thank you kind knight. I shall find my way easily now."
She wasn't sure if the Halfling was a knight or not, but she knew it would work well either way. If he were a knight, he would act normal and bid her on her way. If he wasn't a knight, he would be blessed by the fact she thought he was, and send her on her way. She couldn't lose.

She headed through the main gates and into the Federal Center. It was a city block with 3 roads coming into it. All the roads seem to dead-end on a Statue of some man. Mira did not recognize the fellow. She paid little attention to the details of the square. There were various shops and things of that nature all around the outside.

She took a left at the statue and headed for the University and her perfect cover.

As you step through the gates, you realize that the campus is quite small. There are only 4 buildings, all built in a rather ordinary style. The large building to your right, labeled Gamdia Museum, has a steady stream of families exiting. The small buiding on your left is labeled as a library, and the large building to the left is labeled Institute of Theoretical Magic (ITM). A small door on the side says 'Administration'.

The sun is beginning to set, and most people are heading home, but there are a few people in moving back and forth between the ITM building and the library.

No one seems to be paying particular attention to you at the moment.

Mira enteres the University Gates as is surprised by the small stature of the University. She had invisioned a large campus with students practicing magic all over the place. Spells flying and cascading through the air as students practiced their skills.

She was slighlty dissapointed to say the least. She saw the Gamdia Museum, but walked past it to the ITM admissions building. Walking inside she walks up to the counter looking for some assistance. Being a halfling she could barely see over the human sized counter. She found a box in the corner, dragged it over to the counter and stood on it, now a full foot taller thanks to the help. There was no one behind the counter, but the door to the back room was open so Mira cried out for assistance.

"Hello? Is anybody there?"

An old human male walks slowly out of the back and over to the counter. He's clothes mark him has a peasant, but the books he carries are expensive. Though a bit stooped and creaky, he walks like he owns the place.

"What do you need, young lady?" he asks a bit loudly, "I am Yemin Whorley, head of Admissions at this fine institution."

"Greetings Yemin. I am Mirabela Weaver. I believe I wrote you a letter informing you of my intended arrival and enrollment here at he University.


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