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Hmm I hope Ayeba ok he hasn't been on for a couple of days and he's usually one of the quicker posters.

Yeah that is odd, but IIRC he was saying that he was working longer hours or somesuch not long ago. I do need to hear from him before we advance much further (since he was contemplating using the winds of change). If we don't hear from him before you guys are ready to move on, I'll NPC Vicky and she can just wait to use the Winds when Ayeba is back.

I'll shoot him an e-mail just to check up, that way if he is just busy and can't make it to Myth Weavers, he'll get that message.

Hmmm.... on top of that, Corax came back yesterday and dropped out of the game. I wonder if he thought I killed him off or something. I sent him a message to find out what is up.

If he's not coming back, I already have another player waiting in the wings.

I'm sorry my complete absence. I woke up Saturday with neck trouble, which caused me to have the most severe headache I've ever had. I finally got rid of it yesterday, but at that time I was too tired to post. I'll get right to it now.

Wall of text post up. Hit me, Winds. Do your worst. No, on second thought, do your best, actually.

Heard back from Corax. He won't be coming back (at least no in the forseeable future), but I let him know that with the way I wrote him out, I can always bring him back in (as long as I have an opening).

Originally Posted by Corax
sorry ive been gone, its been a rough couple of months. between family stuff and computer totally dieing beyond repair (stuck using wii and ipod for now. argh) i havent had much free time. thanks for saying i could stay in the game but i think im going to back out of it. it was fun, i just dont know if i would be able to commit the time i would want to and i personally feel bad for jumping back in after so long. perhaps we shall game together again in the near future when my friend gets off his butt and makes my new pc.

Vicky version 2.0 incoming. I must admit it's not my personal favorite among the classes, but I have no doubt it'll be fun.

Oh, by the way, I seem to have a hard time finding portraits I really like. I just wanted a drawing of a fairly mundane girl, preferably a redhead, not doing a sexy pose, smiling, looking fairly straight forward and not wearing a lot of make up. I just felt that would be strange in a dungeon. In the end, I ended up using a friend of mine's sketches, which I liked. Even if it's only a sketch and no colors.

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