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OK, so I confess I cannot see the doorways on the map. I have some vague idea where they are. My post is made with these comments in mind. Also, I assume the collapsed wall is not the whole western wall of the big room, but only the parts that no w look rubbley.

You are correct about the dividing wall. It is only the three squares covered in rubble. As for the doorways, their locations are listed in the combat notes.

I lost my grandfather today. We were very close. I'll be on here and there when I need a distraction and have the time, but don't expect a lot out of me this week. I hate to say it, but between this and my surgery which has to be rescheduled, the next month or so could prove to be bleak for the game.

Hopefully you'll all tough out this rough patch and stick with the game.

Oh. My condolences (correct word?). Another thing piled on the first; not exactly what you needed right now. Take care of yourself first. Come back to us when you're feeling it gives you more than it takes.

We could start a roleplaying thread that happened right before we entered the room, to have some in-character rolepalying while we wait.

Btw: Have any of you seen Wreck-It Ralph? Can you recommend it?

So sorry to hear of your loss, Flea. Take the time you need to recover and grieve.

The viewing is tomorrow, the funeral is on Saturday, and my surgery has been rescheduled to the 29th of this month.

There are still a few of you who need to respond to the current combat, please do so when you get a chance so that I can put out a new turn right away when I have the time and I'm ready to do so.

Thanks for being so patient with me.

Hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel. And hopefully the end of the tunnel comes shortly after you recuperate from your operation.

Looks like I just need to hear from eastc for this turn. The funeral was yesterday and I think I want to start trying to get back into my own life. I'm gonna get at least 1 new turn out this week, hopefully a couple before I go into surgery next week. So once I hear from eastc I'll start working on a new turn; probably sometime tomorrow since I'm going to go stay with my grandmother tonight to take care of her (she's alone since my grandfather died) and I won't have access to my books and mapping programs there.

I remember how hard my grandfather took it with grandmother died. Someone who has been with you so long is gone, forever.

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