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Just a question, probably out of ignorance: we have private threads for every character, but the people who play said characters are excluded from the thread. Shouldn't it be the other way around (only the GM and player are allowed)?
Yeah, my bad. I clicked the wrong button when I was setting up some of the pages. I'll get it fixed today.

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I've got a few questions regarding character creation:
1. Is it possible to select the "random character theme" or "random wild talent" more than once? I don't expect it to, but it's not crystal clear.
2. Are we starting at level 1 after character creation? I assume yes.
3. Since we can buy stuff with the remaining gold, is it okay to wait until after we've gotten the random character before buying?
4. Is there any limitations what we can or can't buy? Or are there any limitations in the rules -- which I must've missed -- which limits how powerful magic items a level 1 character can use?

I'd like to try the Swirling Mists of Chaos, with a random Character Theme and Wild Talent. If possible, I wouldn't mind buying them multiple times. Do I just wait for you to send me a character, then?
1) You can only have one theme and one wild talent.

2) Yes, level 1.

3) you should wait, yes. All items will be bought after character creation is complete.

4) Normally you can only buy something 1 level higher than you are without DM consent. You can outfit yourself with whatever you can afford, be it a bunch of items your level, or just one expensive item.

Ayeba, Go ahead and start a 4e character sheet, and then link it to the game, that way I can fill in the blanks once things are worked out. You'll all be starting the game in your regular form.

Also, I am going to make an addendum to the Character Creation rules. I WANT everyone to pick a background relevant to your starting persona... that way you keep a little something as part of your rebuilt character. So find a background that could apply to your circumstances before you entered the dungeon or some other aspect of your characters life (or a background relevant to the transformation process if you like).

Gotta run out and do some errands real quick, but I'll get those personal pages fixed up soon.

Hi Ayeba - welcome aboard! Yeah - 'Pathway to Skullport' (I think it was called) was fun while it lasted. I'm looking forward to this though - Flea is a great GM and the whole random thing is going to be interesting to say the least... can't wait.

I'm helping Jymmi learn how to use some of the features of the site tonight, so I will probably get an initial post out soon. Probably tomorrow, maybe late tonight depending on how long this goes on for.

Otherwise we are about ready, and I should have what I need from most of you.

If you don't have an account for google, you will need one to access the combat tracker that I use. So please set one up ASAP.

Just send me a request or list your google account name here and I will give you permission. You should be able to access to page without signing in, but for some reason it is being stubborn...

Originally Posted by Vyrwolf View Post
Request sent!
Hmmm.... it said that there was a delivery failure when google tried to contact the address you sent the request from. Try accessing the Combat Tracker and see if it will let you in.

I linked the sheet before I wrote the message yesterday. It's named "Vicky Larissa". If you can't find it, I'm doing something wrong here...

Request to combat tracker access sent.


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