Info for Prospective Players - Apply Here

Info for Prospective Players - Apply Here

I am looking for 4-5, 10th level characters. Nobody gets priority and I will not be doing first come, first serve. I am looking for a diverse group of characters, no psionics!

Please post a character concept first. Frankly, I'm not looking for overly exotic characters and I might as well let you down or point you in another direction before you do all the leg work for your PC.

Approved concepts can proceed to CS creation:
Use 32 point buy or roll 3 sets of 4d6, drop lowest and select one set. All rolls for character creation should be done at this site: (use your avatar name, not your character name so I can track your rolls please). Send me the link when you're done.

Character start with max hp for level 1 and roll for every other level (use the same site as above and send me the link).
No more then 1 PrC per character at the offset.
Characters start with 47,000 xp and 50,000 gp (note that this gives those characters who are able to use it some extra xp to create spells and items with).
No Evil or Chaotic Neutral characters (I'm looking for heroes, not villains)

I have access to almost all 3.5 material and will allow the majority of it by default excepting:
Tome of Magic,
Tome of Battle,
Magic of Incarnum,
Species with an LA greater then +2 (+No Drow, period!)
This game is campaign specific, don't bother asking for stuff from other campaign specific sources (spells and magic items excepted) .
Objects from the MIC and spells from the SpC will be approved on a case by case basis, please make sure to note any such on the CS.
Material from UA will also be approved on a case by case basis.
No on-line or homebrew material

If I smell a min/max munchkin, you're out (sorry, this is not a power game)

*This is by no means an all inclusive list of rules and restrictions. I will add to it as I get applications.
We'll discuss any other issues if/when they come up.
Please be understanding of my requests. If they don't suit your style of play, I understand, you simply need not apply.



Are you okay with any of these classes:


I'm trying to find a non munchkin (ie, non tier 1 or 2) class to play that has enough mechanics to be interesting for me winthin your sources. Sadly you've disallowed most of the books that contain tier 3 characters.

I've got a concept forming in my head. Dwarven battlemaiden of Haela Brightaxe(Faiths and Pantheons pg. 119). Would be a multiclass Barbarian/Cleric(of Haela of course), moving into the prestige class Battlerager(Races of Faerun pg. 178). Fun, loud, boistrous, brash, and a terror in battle.

Of course I know nothing of City of the Spider Queen save 'drow', so she may not fit if it's less 'kill the drow', and more 'RP with the drow'.

I'm OK with all 3 of those Gavinfoxx.

I am not familiar with the "tier" system of character designation so I'm not sure what makes the character in the books I disallowed tier 3 but if that's the case, so be it.
I don't see why they should be considered any different from other classes, I disallow them namely because I am least familiar with them and wouldn't quite be able to spot a powergamer using those sources yet.
Far as I can tell, all classes can be used to munchkin but they can mostly be used otherwise too.

Isia, your concept sounds fine so far.

Sweet I'll look into getting her started. The only thing that could possibly be 'exotic' about her is that she'll have a small, wispy beard and a desire to grow a bigger, more dwarfly one. 'Cause I'm just overfond of bearded ladydwarves.

I would like to attempt a concept I had built up for a game that was cancelled prematurely; true neutral Half elven factotum, failed wizard who utilizes a variety of minor magic objects in his adventuring. I will likely go pure factotum as the class interests me but would like to try a factotum/guild thief if possible.

I've got an idea for an emotionally stunted spellcaster - someone who has emotions, but doesn't process them well. He specializes in summoning in support of various kinds, and finds fiendish creatures especially efficient to summon. The guy genuinely doesn't understand why the proximity with fiends occasionally causes consternation in others, since he clearly has only the best of intentions.

Ideally, this would play out as a gnome malconvoker (Complete Scoundrel), since malconvokers have the unique ability to BE good but summon evil things. Sound okay?

ocelotdie prospect

I am very interested in your game.
I have great 3.5 and dalelands knowledge (only a little online-post RPG experience).
I am leaning towards one of the 5 harper-based PrCl (harper agent acceptable?), likely ranger heavy dagger thrower. A traveling halfelf from halfelven parentage (gypsy style culture). "Been just 'bout everywhere north of Halruaa in the eastern realms. Gimmie a couple years and I'll have been to the Orient, I reckon."
The other character I'd like to play (2nd choice/backup char) is a confident moonelf force missile mage. Orlandu the blue..."I am effective against any foe, an army of me would be aforce to be reckoned with."


As stated before in reply to Gavinfoxx, the Factotum is approved and your concept sounds fine to begin with. I will have to look into the Guild Thief PrC and get back to you asap.


Gnomes and Malconvokers are both approved. I'm not big on summoning based spellcasters as they tend to get combursom in on-line games but technically, the concept is fine. If you want to proceed with it and make a CS, you're welcome to.


I'm not sure what the 5 Harper PrC's are but both the concepts you outlined would be fine. If you want to submit a CS for one or both, go ahead. Yes, the Harper Agnent, being in an approved source, is approved.


Please Note: A large part of this adventure will take place below ground and so the abilities of nature based characters such as rangers and druids might be somewhet limited if not specicially tailored to underground or city settings.

Originally Posted by Sorithar View Post

Gnomes and Malconvokers are both approved. I'm not big on summoning based spellcasters as they tend to get combursom in on-line games but technically, the concept is fine. If you want to proceed with it and make a CS, you're welcome to.
Thanks! I'll try to make sure as little as possible of the book-keeping related to summons lands on you. Would you like sheets posted in this thread, or should we create individual threads within this group?


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