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Your most stupid Character Concept!

The dumbest *thing* did was forget my role in the party. See, at level 1 I was not the competent rogue I thought I was, and at level 1 traps are rather unforgiving.

I was playing a rogue halfling named, Dirty Robert. Dear ol' Dirty was from a clan of sea-faring pirate halflings and thought to try his hand at dungeon-crawling. So yes, he spoke pirate parlance despite being around three feet tall and armed with a pigsticker. What happened was that I was poking around a room in a dungeon and found this interesting old statue. I mean, it was an ornate statue and seemed the perfect place for a secret switch, yes? Well, he went to explore it and then bam. Face-huggered. Poor "Dirty" Robert Seabreaker never stood a chance. Party found him later on the ground with some monstrous worm thing making a nest in his throat I think.

Poor, poor Dirty Robert...

Let's see... I have to go back to second edition for this one...

My gay half-ogre bard. His performance skills included playing the spoons and clog-dancing.

It was a very silly game.

My very first character was a paladin named Xiloscient. But because of a silly love quadrangle myself and three others in the party came up with, he barely functioned. To give you a good idea, the first we meet X he is stalking (like literally) another soon-to-be party member. It got so bad that at one point I had to roll a die to see if he continued on in combat or stopped to flirt and lost the roll.

So after that, he developed Schizophenia and had a second personality who ended up being the best character idea I've ever had. (You now have about half the story of Sarah mentioned in my sig.)


Psychic warrior who specialized in Hostile Empathic Transfer. He jumped off tall things and then chased down enemies. Highly effective actualy with the right buffs.

Animate trench coat with a sniper rifle made of soul energy (a modern villain).

Mop the gnome monk complete with goggles which do nothing. He shredded mooks with a 2x4.

A 6th level rouge with a nearly +30 to hide...and around 10 hp (templates)

Morthlu (the Sketchy) A wizard with a distressing fondness for Evard's Black Tentacles. I also reflavored several other spells to this end.

A very inteligent evoker who took setting fire to everything very, very intellectualy seriously (the entire party was fire-themed). He also rolled the following stats: 17, 13, 16, 18, 9, 13. The rest of the party rolled very low, and I completely broke things with that. When I took over DMing everyone rebuilt and we used point buy. He took a level in fighter and became the secondary melee character.

My Party:

A doctor. In his spare time he took care of his grandmother and mugged people. Also, he had a sword-gun.

A bard/druid with multiple personalities, each with different classes. One was a 1st level commoner who projected an aura of Crushing Despair (the party dragged him around and pointed him at their enemies).

A mercenary who faked his death in an aircar crash to avoid an arranged marriage and then stole a suit of powered armor--at 3rd level.

In the same game: An alien who looked like the ugliest damn muppet known to man combined with ET from my sketches (which was intentional). He also had a 1950s hate on Comunisim (and in fact was from a world where that was the tech level) and carried a recoilless rifle to compete with the rest of the party, who were using propper weapons.

A Brittish Red Coat who got shot at the battle of Bunker Hill and woke up in Sigil. That was a roit. Said PC even did the Brittish accent.

Definitely has to be my D&D 4th edition paladin of the Raven Queen.

To be exact, the psychopathic one who had a tendency to kill things FORTHERAVENQUEEN!

Nothing was both as fun and as silly as one of my malkavian who's insanity made him believe that he, the vampire him, is actually a character in a novel that he, the writer pre-embrace, wrote and is currently reading to a bunch of fans at a conference...

Because of this he would narrate outloud everything he does in the third person and speak with others just like you read a character conversation in a novel...

My character has few funny skills, among them:
A character was able to change himself in a quite attractive woman. That had a few limitations:
-he felt very uneasy in that form in any situation that has mildest reference to sex or nudity
-he could change very easily, but changing back was possible only during the full moon
-his personality changed because of hormones - he started caring about others

Except from disguise he used it to just before full moon to turn in a form which he would have different approach towards mess in his room and see no other possibility but to clean it.

He had a possibility to summon a magic steed - a giant turtle. Not very fast but durable.

Also economic class teleport was interesting - lossy compression - leaving behind not only clothes, but also content of digestive track and even part of water from tissues.

That game ended unfortunately on recruitment phase.

Well I have an interesting character I made in twilight 2013; hes a possible character but in a way its like "Wow, bad luck
-Ali was an Iranian guy who grew up in the rural areas of Iran. He joined the Iranian Army in 1979 and fought during the whole Iran Iraq war, where for a while he had a sentry dog and also where he lost his leg and developed PTSD, which includes flashbacks and a fear of fog (chemical warfare). After that he went back to his rural home on the farm until a earthquake destroyed his home and made him homeless. He lived in Tehran )the rural town was basically destroyed) during his 6 years of homelessness. During those years, he tried to be an unofficial preacher of Islam and on how to live life. During the last year of his homelessness, an Imam (islamic version of a preach basically) took interest into him and decided to try and make him into an actual priest for missionary services. Ali accepted and went to a school of Islamic theology for 4 years before doing Missionary work in Africa for 8 years. Due to his church getting raided, he's currently a 56 year old Shi'ite missionary from Iran riding an Arabic cavalry horse around a post-apocalyptic North Africa (which is primarily Sunni) while having with him an australlian assault rifle (Steyr AUG), a Brazillian target pistol (Taurus Model 922), and a German prosthetic leg.

-Terrible character idea I just had, which is possible using twilight 2013 stage III; a limbless, blind, deaf, and mute soldier. It is technically possible, according to the rules.

A friend of mine once made Shield Man. A legless, armless, blind, deaf, mute vegetable with a ridiculous amount of Damage Resistance. And two straps on his back. His sidekick was the real character. I can't even recall what system that was for anymore, some superhero game.


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