Character Name Here (trellac zaundar)

Character Name Here (trellac zaundar)

This is your CT / App.
Initially, only you and I will be able to see it.

i was wondering if i can get a little info on what i can join when i start off as far as mercenary band, houses, or any other options. also regarding templates if there was anything allowed on that. i was thinking ether half-fiend or vampire if its ok


G'eldzen (fiendish hunter/arrow)

fighter:5(i might swap the fighter class for something else like rogue but im not sure.)
Order of the Bow Initiate:7

my feats and what not will depend on if you allow templates.

sorry i dint get this in earlier, i thought i posted but i guess i only hit preview x_x

Mostly dead, yes. I may Rezz it after the Summer when I have more time and have recovered from Burnout. Jreece is running a spinoff set even earlier in the Forgotten Realms history, I am helping him with minor stuff.

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