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If I am not mistaken, Hutt, is a title. Not a species.
I think it is sort of equivalent to a ganglord, Like "Don" Corleone would be Corleone "the Hutt".
Of course I could be completely wrong

Hutts are definitely a species. They are genderless though, but have gender identities nevertheless.

Don't you have a chair to sit at? If not, you should buy one. Or do you always stand up when corrected?

D'oh, R5-B8. Shoulda looked at my notes.
Just got back in town, will update this week.

I'm ready to advance, you can take as much time as you want preparing, using contacts, etc.
If you want to get underway, you may and keep planning while on the journey.
Of we can just screen wipe to landing in Zarra. Comments?

You had 10 days downtime before this meeting if you wanted to do anything, let me know here, or in your private thread.
I know Khen has some downtime work on his speederbike we need to sort out. (Haven't sat down with Starships & Scum & Villainy yet).

You do, fixed.

On a personal note, my mother in law is in the hospital and has been diagnosed with cancer. My weekend posting will be very sporatic as I travel to be with the family, though the bus has wifi and I may take a laptop, so who knows.


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