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Can we purchase explosives? For one, Hopla has no money. I also don't know if it is available to us.

Hahaha! Man, shows me to send that lot into a social skill challenge with two obvious escape routes. Nah, we'll take the hutt on personally, and live to tell about it.

@ all
Did Ivar give anyone the explosives he found?

If Hopla wants to try and convince Varth for an advance and then make some checks to try and get some explosives you can. Or you can see if you can beg some off from the quartermaster.

Note Just checked, Ivar kept all the explosives only handed over some grenades and the CR-1 blast cannon.

The idea of explosives was Harrot's not Hopla's, so I hesitate to post IC Hopla saying someone should go to the quartermaster. But someone besides Hopla should take on that task, someone with persuasion. The quartermaster may be inclined to help us anyway.

Tavitha seems to me like a good choice (assuming she has appropriate skill...). Would give her a chance to leave the room before she pistol-whips Khen. I can post this IC, but again, would have to fudge a bit.

I'll not be givin' up so easily.... I'll teach you to try and thwart my pistol-whippin' plans....

How do people normally get around on Cato N? What gear is appropriate? Jetpacks? Wall-climbing lizards?

Feel free to keep planning, but I'm shifting planning phase to onboard the banshee.
Any other actions to take care of on the ship?

Is there a way to receive email messages each time someone posts? As it is now, I only receive one message and have to visit the forums before I will receive any other messages through email. I ask because I cant access the site at work (filters) but can read my personal email.

I looked under options, but didn't see anything to that effect.

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