Federation's Folly: Episode 2 OOC Forum

I think we should forget about Raden - bringing him up could open us to questions/scrutiny we don't want. We can try and use the group as a bargaining chip to get us in. We may even be sent against them as a test... once in, then I think we will need to make things up as we go (don't 'we always ), and take what opportunities that turn up to get the info we need...

Plant them on the other group. Khen could sell them to that group and claim that they are the property of the Hutt they are looking for. Convince them that they could use the timers to gain favor with the Hutt (or get close to him).

Ok, something is happening. Is anyone else going with the impetuous jawa? (not required by any means)

Honestly, if my ditzi wasn't having trouble, you guys would have been fighting bounty hunters on Friday. but it is not letting me access some of my gallery (notably maps), so you guys got a pass.

Been in with doctors all day today. My son is having his appendix removed in the next hour or so. responses won't be very likely from me over the next day or two.

I will take silence as a "No, my character is not going with or having anything to do with what the Jawa is up to."
Khen's solo stuff should start tomorrow.

Also, and this must be answered if you guys want to be leveled up, who paid 500 credits for the room at Federation's Folly to hide out in for last night.

Sorry for the silence guys. My laptop is broken and I only have internet on my phone which kinda sucks. Hopefully I'll fix it or get a new one soon and be back to posting.

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