Federation's Folly: Episode 2 OOC Forum

To whom it may concern: I don't think Tavi was actually moved on the last map update by Seal.

Would a Knowledge (Tactics) check do anything for us? Would a successful result provide any kind of bonuses, for example? We seem to be trapped down on this platform...

You can always make the check. I'll give a result of 15 or better info, if trained, even more info.

Failed the tactics check. Hopla has moved into the cloud, intending to use the force to see his enemies on following rounds.

Hopla (and the others) cannot see the trando or togorian, as they are 1) Beyond the smoke and 2) not to the top of the stairs yet. I suppose I could ahve left them off the map

You can however throw the man to his death, slam him into the steps or any location within six squares of him that you can see.

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