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What? No racing stripes, rims or ground effects??? How am I supossed to pick up chicks on that thing.....

Hey, you cleaned it up, describe all that stuff however you want. I didn't want to include an airbrushed desert sunset without asking you. I just spend your money on the best stuff you could do to it. Need to extract out your license cost too.

You didn't have the cash for a luxury upgrade, so I gave you a full passenger seat for the chicks. It is also modified for you to pilot and I'll still need to work out the actual storage capacity built on.

Not a sunset... Darth Vader fighting a unicorn with a lightsaber horn in the dessert....

There you go. Add in some glowy neon lights underneath the whole thing, and a fancy horn that plays la cookaracha or dixie or something.

Originally Posted by freeclint View Post
There you go. Add in some glowy neon lights underneath the whole thing,
Yeah, like I said, ground effects!!

I think I want a banner of red lights that run across the front, traveling back and forth with a "swish swish" sound. Hey, how many credits would it cost me to have William Daniels ride on the back and pretend to be the voice of the bike?

Nobody has contacted Switch yet. You can choose to go back on the ship and do it, or to find a local place for holonet access to contact him. All R5 needs a connection to jack into. Then whoever wants to try to make another deal with the information broker, can. So just let me know who is in on it and where you want to do it.

As far as I know, no maintenance was done on the speederbike. I didn't get any Mechanics rolls over the three or more days I left you guys in hyperspace. I'll let it be cleaned up over that time, however.

The bike is here. The group bike is at -2 steps (-2 modifier) on the condition track currently. It can carry a second person, but will put another -2 on the pilot if it is used in any non-standard sort of way. (Khen's bike is modified for two now)

It can carry 4 kg of gear in the storage bin, what is Hopla putting in it?

Now that I think about it, Hopla has nothing but what he carries--including utility belt. I know he gave the blaster pistol to Ivar, never got it back (whcih is fine). I think he also has a blaster rifle. He will stow that on the bike if it can be concealed, if not, leave on ship. Maybe others have supplies they'd like to bring. Oh yea, and didn't we buy explosives and maybe even a jetpack?

I think Keith may have intended to clean up the second speeder bike, but he may not understand posting necessities/protocols (i.e., rolling your own dice to provoke an action). Water under the bridge now.

Gang, I am headed out for small 4th of July vacation this morning. Posting may decrease somewhat--I will have my phone only, but can post there (though it's hard to do the coding on the phone--apologies). I am back next Tuesday night, late.

He didn't have to roll the dice, he could have just said, I spend the time fixing up the bike. He only offered his services and nobody made mention of it, so I assumed he let the nasty dirty bike sit while enjoying a luxury craft and not having hibernation sickness from the carbonite.

As for the explosives / jetpack /etc, we haven't heard from SPS in awhile. We'll just assume she couldn't wrangle anything out of the quartermaster. We'll leave Tavitha on the ship until he returns, though she will aid another on all the checks with Switch.

EDIT: updated Hopla's sheet and the bike's contents

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