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Ok, is everyone hanging out in the hangar then?
Or are you guys doing the negotiating and repairs simultaneously?

BTW, you are fine to stay on the ship if you want. (Lodging wise)

Did we receive any credits after the last adventure? I need a little something to grease the wheels and loosen the tongues .

We did.... I don't think we paid the released prisoners though!

It seems the group we work for has some resources. I'm sure if we asked for credits for this purpose they would've thrown some our way. How could they expect anything less, after all we are dealing with Hutt.

Clint can we assume this was done?

Did anyone ask for up-front money?
Chimaera, I'm pretty sure you got a sign on stipend. I'll locate the amount, look in your private thread.

Ok, I need hard decisions for all but Harrot:
Decide if you are
1) working on bike
2) negotiating with Switch (R5 and Tavitha will aid on this for who-ever does it)
3) heading out of the spaceport
4) something else

As things are in motion now.

I haven't answered your force use b/c you haven't left the spaceport yet, or have you? You said you were trying once you left the spaceport...

How about: ereth and khen work on the bike, on the banshee; hopla, ig, tavi, and r5 go find a bar where they drink glowing liquids that also has a holonet. They can all attempt/aid on talking with switch. If no one else has better skills, hopla is willing to lead the negotiations (though he willl happily defer to anyone else). Do theforce check once we are in the bar?

You get to pick what you want to do. I mean, since when has Khen ever listened to anyone...
So what you wanna do you dirty jawa?

I didnt know! If khen already busy, please ignore hopla! Was just trying to advance things...

Oh don't worry, I just need to know what the non-info-gatherers are doing.
Otherwise Harrot might complete the mission while you guys sit on the ship.
He's a good deal ahead on time right now.

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