Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

Noting Khen's mood, Hopla says, "Khen, you are familiar with such underworld figures and their ways. What do you think?"

"Huh? What?" Khen says as he is seemingly snapped out of whatever he was thinking about. He looks around at the assembled group and notes that they are all now looking at him. "I didn't steal anything... blame the miniature wookie."

"I was the... property of a Hutt and would suggest extreme care in dealings with their type, either upfront or through deception. They are out for profit - so we need to make sure that the Hutt gets more out of helping us than betraying us."

IG-198 speaks up from his position near the back of the group.

"If the plan involves posing as gladiator sellers, I volunteer myself as they actual gladiator to be sold. Surely the last of a nearly extinct race fighting in the bouts could be hyped to gather some interest, and credits, from a bloodthirsty crowd...thereby gaining the attention of a Hutt in a acquiring such an novelty. " says Ereth

"Forgive my cynicism," declares the Ubese. "But you'd need to offer far more than a gladiator to entice a Hutt to willingly reveal Imperial secrets."

"I agree, a gladiator, even a rare one, won't make the Hutt reveal its secrets. But if the Hutt were interested in buying the spiner, it could be a way for us to get inside," says Hopla. "If we can get inside its lair, we might be able to discover what it trades in, or otherwise learn about this Sarlacc project. A risky and still un-formed plan, I realize. Does anyone have other suggestions?" He looks around the room, pausing on Tavitha, who seems to be deep in thought.

"Ivar gets both Mist AND Maya and I get stuck with a Hutt... that's fair...." Khen mutters under his breath.

"I also have the benefit of natural weaponry," says Ereth. With a flick of his wrist, several spines shoot off of his arm, lodging themselves into a nearby wall. "which can come in handy when being held prisoner. "

Tavitha was eventually pulled from her reverie, and looked at Hopla the seeming leader of the group. The young woman opened her mouth once and then promply shut it, looking rather embarrassed as she did so. She finally got her thoughts collected and spoke her mind. "I'm nervous about working with a Hutt. Or even being around one. My father used to tell me horrific stories about what the Hutts do to people, especially people like me."

OOC: Yes I'm stealing Ivars color, for speaking. I like it.


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