Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

IG-198 replies with his own burst of binary, to fast for non droids to comprehend.

He then continues in his crackling voice. "We have recently made contacts in the underworld. Maybe we could use them to furnish as with underworld credentials and backgrounds. This could make both contact with the Hutt and infiltration into its organization easier."

Tavi shot Khen with a glare even colder than her first one. "I would not be comfortable with that. I come from a noble family. A slave girl would be degrading."

"Fine... a noble slave girl." Khen sarcastically emphasizes the word 'noble'.

The admiral clears his throat, "If you have no further questions for me, I leave you to plan. I've arranged for the Banshee to provide you transport for the duration of this mission.

After a brief huddle in which Harrot mentions the word "explosives", the group agrees that is a good idea. Seeing how annoyed Tavitha is with Khen, Hopla says, "Tavitha, do you think you can persuade the quartermaster on board to part with some explosives we could carry?

"We could also use climbing gear, or some way to get around on Cato N. The place is mountainous, with cities atop bridges between mountain peaks."

Tavi shot the little Jawa a glare before smiling at back at Hopla. "My pleasure. I'm sure the quartermaster I can work something out."

She made a quick move for the door hoping to escape before Khen decided to actually tag along.

Tavitha slips out right on the Admiral's heels, and hurries away from the conference room. She arrives in a hurry, hoping Khen won't catch up before she finishes. Tavitha finds the a red-headed alderanian soldier in uniform. The young man is finishing dropping off a large rifle and signing off on a datapad. He nods politely as he heads towards the mess. The quartermaster, an older, short, round man with a handle-bar mustache places the rifle on a cart behind him and looks over Tavitha. He asks, "What can I do for you missy? You're one of Maya's recruits, right?"

Briefing Room

R5-B8 rotates its dome to look over the group, binary

"Have we decided that we will try and infiltrate the gladiatorial competition as members of the underworld?If so we will require information about the gladiatorial competitions. If we want to have credentials as members of the underworld, then we will also need to contact Switch to organise these things. Maps of where we going to be may also be of value." IG-198 replies.

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