Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

"Pardon my ignorance, but the carbonite I was encased in has not been kind to my knowledge base. Who is Switch? " asks Ereth Izon

Harrot perks up and starts listening closely. He had been curious about the aforementioned 'Switch' himself, but had resisted the urge to ask.

"Switch is the leader of an underground faction on Sel Zonn Station. He has access to contacts and a wide databank of knowledge. For a price he could provide us with a background and credentials that should survive the Hutt organizations scrutiny." IG1-98 pauses for a moment as if considering and then continues. "What background would we require - a slave master and his gladiatorial slaves? If so who is to play what part? Or do we wish to portray ourselves as gun runners, smugglers, or some other form of underworld dezian who may have something of interest for the Hutt and again who is to play what part? Once this is decided we can contact Switch."

R5-B8 once again rotates it dome and photo-receptor to face the spiner this time, with beeps and whirs it responds, binary.

"I'd be worthless as a gladiator slave... I should probably be the slave master." Khen smiles to himself. "And I'd really like to revisit Tavitha's role as I proposed originally..."

"For what it is worth, I vote for the gladiator plan. As before, I volunteer to pose as a gladiator. " says Ereth.

"Very well, Ereth Izon," says Hopla, regarding the Spiner. "If it comes to that, we will look to you to be our gladiator. With luck, Switch or one of Harret's contacts will make that risk unnecessary."

"Do you have some skill in close combat?" IG-198's sensors turn on Ereth. "Even if it does not come to competing, they are likely to want to test your abilities. As for myself - although I could fight, I believe I may be better utilized as portraying a bodyguard for our front person. If the Jawa could create a fake control bolt, then we can hide the fact that I am free of control. It may give us benefit at some stage... We may also want to consider hiding the fact that I can speak Hutt... "

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