Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

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Tavi moves forward, trying to get near her gear, taking a
Dice Roll: 1d20-3 2d6+1
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 7)
d6 Results: 3, 1 (Total = 5)
potshot as she goes. As soon as she found the nestled pile of gear and clothing she takes another
Dice Roll: 1d20-3 2d6+1
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 11)
d6 Results: 3, 6 (Total = 10)
shot at the crowd and then picks her lightsaber out of the pile.

Turn 1: move to hidden stuff, and fire
Turn 2: shoot and pickup lightsaber


Hopla parries off some of the
Only takes 19 damage instead
blows of the mob.

Map Update

The mob swings at the Bounty Hunter, trying to climb into her speeder, but misses the agile human.
Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 9)
attack (9)
Dice Roll: 4d10+7z
d10 Results: 9, 4, 3, 6 (Total = 29)
damage (29)

Tavitha fires off a couple of shots as she retrieves her lightsaber. Neither shot hit the mob battling Hopla and IG-198. The mob definitely noticed when she lit up a lightsaber however, screams of types in the pak pak language and one in basic, that says, "Another one! We're going to be rich!" The fervor of the crowd on the steps grows even more wild!

At the top of the stairs, the other mob and the bounty hunter all seem to take notice of Tavitha's bold appearance.

As the mob surges forward IG-198 spins into an attack, striking out at the nearest members of the mob with his vibroblade.

Hopla Unable to find the game forum and activates it.

"Take cover," Hopla says to IG-198.

Hopla tumbles by the mob of thugs and dashes up the stairs. Once he is on the landing, he reaches out with the force and tosses the thermal detonator, active, to a spot between the two mobs.

Dice Roll: 8d6z
d6 Results: 3, 5, 6, 5, 5, 6, 1, 1 (Total = 32)
Thermal Detonator Damage (32)

Hopla, with blinding speed tumbles past the mob and up the steps. He uses the force to fling the loose thermal detonator across the stairway from him, detonating it.

The blast takes out several members of the lower mob. The upper mob looses a member but mostly ducks down letting the stairs guide the blast over them. The bounty hunter and her speeder definitely shudder from the forceful explosion. The waves blast, stops just short of Hopla, but he certainly feels it.

Dice Roll: 2d6z
d6 Results: 4, 4 (Total = 8)
extra thermal detonator damage vs squads (8)

Map Update
InitiativeRound 2
19 - Tavitha (25hp/5fp/1dp) - owes me two turns
17 - IG-198 (47hp/5fp/1dp) -25 hp, used second wind, -1 dp
15 - Harrot (41hp/6fp/1dp) Owes me two turns
13 - Hopla (55hp/7fp/2dp) -42 hp, -1 fp, -1 condition, used second wind, full force power suite,
0 - Mob1 - (hurt) -67 hp
1 - Mob2 - (hurt) -37 hp
FLED - 29 - Zardra (hurt) -1fp, -33 hp + ??, second wind used

Combat Notes:
IG notes in NPC action area
Stairs count as double for movement.
Zardra is in the speeder and has left.
The mob's attacks are all area attacks and do have damage if they hit reflex 10. *Target them as single unit, area attacks get extra damage.
Zardra - reflex defense > 20
Mob - reflex defense <= 20, fort defense + size mod > 20, HP < 67 & > 34

Tavitha fires off some harmless shots and retrieves her lightsaber, making her a new focus of the closest mob.
IG-198 is unable to land a solid blow on any of the mob he is holding off.
Hopla tumbles around the mob and sets off the discarded thermal detonator.
The blast rips through the lower mob, leaving them all laying on the ground or vaporized in the case of those closer to the blast. Those up the stairs from the blast faired much better and continue to try and take out Zardra, wailing on her speeder and at her with their axes, doing significant damage to the speeder, which still manages to back up and rive off.

The mob turns it focus onto the jedi on the stairs, "Get him!"


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