Part 1: Cato Neimoidia

Harrots slides over the short barrel he had been taking cover behind and heads to the top of the stairs. He levels the sights of his weapon on the incoming thugs, waits for both barrels to charge up, and
Attack at PBR:
Dice Roll:
1d20+6 3d8+2
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 25)
d8 Results: 3, 1, 8 (Total = 14)
Area Attack
Attack at PBR:
Dice Roll:
1d20+6 3d8+2
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 16)
d8 Results: 1, 2, 7 (Total = 12)
Area Attack

Map Update

IG-198 raises his blaster and as the mob comes into clear sight shoots at the closest.

Hopla uses the force to Unable to find the game forum the oncoming mob. He then retreats down the stairs away from them.

I'd like to end up two squares west and one square south of IG, after the move.

map update:
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 4D6

Tavi watched as the thermal detonator explode, and seemed almost stunned at the turn of events. After a brief moment she shook herself from the stupor and moved forward trying to cover Hopla's retreat.

Map Update

Post in progress... wait for the next post...

Map Update

Harrot rushes forward and begins unloading massive blasts from his double barrelled carbine at the remaining mob. Tavitha likewise rushes up to help. IG-198 fires and misses. The mob is beaten and bloodied, but they find a renewed vigor and charge down the steps where Hopla exends a hand crushing the remaining three members to the ground before retreating back down the steps.

For a brief second, all is quiet. Over a dozen neimoidian thugs are scattered all across the stairs in varying states of health and unconciousness. A few, still somehow awake moan in pain, unmoving.

Suddenly a grenade lands in the middle of the stairs, and begins spewing out smoke.

Map Update

Smoke spews out of the grenade covering most of the stairs. At the top of the stairs, menacing laughter can be heard. On the two balconies overlooking the landing pad, figures show up, and open fire with heavy weapons. The droid to the north east opens fire with a rail detonator. The projectile hisses through the air landing between IG-198 and Tavitha. The missile slams into the ground, imbedding itself and detonates a brief second later.

The Human fires down on Harrot, a huge sonic and energized bolt splashes down detonating all around him. Harrot recognizes the human as one of the band of mercenaries from the Federation's Folly.

InitiativeRound 4
19 - Tavitha (25hp/5fp/1dp) -
17 - IG-198 (47hp/5fp/1dp) -25 hp, used second wind, -1 dp
15 - Harrot (41hp/6fp/1dp) -
13 - Hopla (55hp/7fp/2dp) -42 hp, -1 fp, -1 condition, used second wind, used Force Slam
0 - Mercs
0 - Trandoshan -
0 - Togorian -
0 - Human -
0 - Droid -
0 - Mob1 - (hurt) -67 hp
1 - Mob2 - (bloodied) -81 hp, second wind used
FLED - 29 - Zardra (hurt) -1fp, -33 hp + ??, second wind used

Combat Notes:
Stairs count as double for movement.
Zardra is in the speeder and has left.
The mob's attacks are all area attacks and do have damage if they hit reflex 10. *Target them as single unit, area attacks get extra damage.
Zardra - reflex defense > 20
Mob - reflex defense <= 20, fort defense + size mod > 20, HP < 67 & > 34
Droid - has rail detonator
Human - has flechette launcher

Seeing no obvious tactical options, Hopla Unable to find the game forum to toss the human over the ledge. Hopla then moves forward up the stairs, into the middle of the smoke grenade's cloud.

I think all this is within range--If every other diagonal is two squares, it looks like he is within 12 squares of both the human and trandoshan, and that they are within 6 of each other. If not, I'd like to repost.
Map update:

Harrot shakes off the effects of the piercing noise, finally catching a glimpse of the assailant falling to his (likely) demise. Ejecting the power pack from his weapon and slamming a fresh one in, he sets his sights on the droid on the far side of the hangar, and rushes to cover, firing blindly through the smoke as he goes.

Map Update

Map Update:

[ooc=ooc]Harrot's map was updated from the one that did not represent Hopla's movement, so I updated Harrot's map.[/oof]


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