House Illafin OOC II

@Thistledown: Pleased to have you, Thistledown! If you can, it would be very helpful for you to describe what your character is/does/etc... Example: ______'s a Drow Assassin/Rogue that's looking for the title of House Torturer, etc..

@everyone else: ...and I'm back. I've was reading yesterday for some neat tricks, and I found a couple. Will update and finish everything soon.

Thanks Mishra!

Rahjaak is a Rakshasa Prince/Swordsage/Spy/Sorcerer/Bodyguard/Assassin recently summoned and bound to House Illafin's service through a Summon Planar Ally spell cast by Lady Lar'wae. Unlike most of his kind, he prefers martial mastery over manipulation however, and sees an alliance with Drow to be helpful to his long term goals of overthrowing the Rakshasa Maharaja back home. For mature audiences he also finds Drow women to be particularly attractive (and before anyone suggests it let me say that I myself am NOT a furry IRL...).

Also unlike most Rakshasa, Rahjaak finds assuming "lesser" forms distasteful so unless specifically ordered to he would rather not take on an infiltration role. Still for the purposes of misdirection he likely takes the form of another race such as an Illithid or a Tren when out in public...the better to maintain the upper hand in any sort of conflict where knowing his true race would pose a risk (i.e people who know about Rakshasa's are less likely to waste actions casting spells at them...).

Tren? What is that?


No worries. I've had a lot on my plate since I was in a car accident a month ago. I'm, looking for a replacement this weekend so that's my main priority. I've mad e a small bit of headway getting the outline for my CT done and will be filling in sections as time permits. You can see a cool pic if you go look now though.

Welcome Thistle, sorry everyone for not being able to get on here but I am in third world countries right now, but I should be back in the states in a few days and will have access to all my books...sweet can't wait typing from my IPad so not that good of a connection...all the work you guys have done sounds good and I can't wait to help out...

Glad your safe and sound Hiscomputer, I was worried that you dissapeared! Also good to hear that you'll be able to come back home pretty soon.


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