House Illafin OOC II

House Insignias. One SLA each of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spell lists. They're subject to approval, of course, so nothing too exploitative.

My suggestions so far?
Dimension Step

The thing with the usefulness of utility spells is that it's dependent on what your characters can do already, so come in with your own suggestions. If the majority of your cohorts have wings, Fly may not be your first choice.

Just a check in that I've preoccupied looking for a replacement vehicle and dealing with the logistical problems of not having a car. Once that is wrapped up I can finish my CT and contribute. I have to say, I'm really digging the underdog but ambitious vibe we have going here...

Don't worry, I've been pretty wrapped up too. Will be free from Tuesday though.

Surface Raid Interest Check:
Word has reached some deep corners of the Menzo that an ex-priestess, a traitor of Lolth and a "redeemed" drow who had abandoned the Underdark some years ago, has come to some fortune and fame in the surface world for her exalted deeds of valour in various adventures. She has so impressed her fairer brethren on the surface, in fact, that she has been made a High Priestess of Eilistraee and - along with her charm and beauty - has recently and controversially become engaged to the prince of a small Sun Elven city.

As the news has neither been well-publicised nor substantiated, the Council and the Church have so far ignored the undercurrent of rumours. The Matrons of Illafin, however, are either furious, gleeful, or scared - it's hard to tell which, but there has been a definite tension to their telepathic administration of the House in the past weeks. So it wasn't too much of a surprise that they have begun preparations for a surface expedition; and while ostensibly justified as a voluntary reconnaissance mission to the Council, their orders in the House have a different tone. This royal wedding must be stopped - at any cost.

I'm in as well!
How many members should we bring for the raid? I'm thinking Illivarra and Kaer'vek, unless no High Priestesses are allowed, then Kaer'veks and his brother, Dra'vash can come. Unless it's just one PC only, then Dra'vash can go for the pure spellcaster support (Together Illivarra and Kaer'vek are good enough, while Dra'vash is capable all by himself).

IC thread is up. I know there are still some CT things to do, so join whenever you're ready. Also, check out the House Information thread's new post for another clause of Illafin philosophy (if you like) and how our Leviathan telepathy network works (this is more important)!

Sounds good. I like the name (Leviathan telepathy network)

Sorry guys I have not been here, just got home from redeploying and reintergration. The new guys took over my computer and I was unable to get to one these past weeks, hopefully I will be more active. As far as the surface raid I am down and would like to bring two people and as for the Telepathy link "who all is Passworded?" Will it be tied to our House insignia or some other way? I will work on my house insignia soon as I can get to my books which my best frieand packed up for me and I can't find anything so wish me luck.

I've not been able to make any headway on my CT yet. Started school again this week for the first time since my auto crash, and it's circus (acrobatics not clown) school so I've been too exhausted and in pain to post. On the plus side I have my character pretty much laid out on scrap paper. I just need to carve some time and energy to scribe it all down here. Looking to get that done this weekend.

Edit: And I love the Leviathan creative. I was definitely picked by the right House. ^_^


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