Act 3, Scene 4: The Birleşik Klanlar

The elder attempts to waylay the Warden's fears, "The Kuzey Birleşik Klanlar [United Clans of the North] have no intention of marching on Västervik or any of the cities of the Yumuşak Erkekler [City Folk]. Soon we will begin to send companies north and west into the oncoming ice to kill the Buz Canavar's [Frost Trolls] scouts and locate their vanguard. I know you are concerned for the animals and spirits of these lands as much as the men who live off them, but until you see the Buz Canavar [Frost Trolls] for yourselves you must believe that we do only as much harm as is necessary."

When Rune inquires about the Orc's spellslingers the elder gestures to another Orc, not quite as old but whose left arm is covered in bandages and horrible burns, "Şef Maviateş [Chief Bluefire] speaks for Sihirbazları [Spellcasters], all the spellslingers from all the tribes gather under his banner that their combined knowledge might serve better. You are welcome to join them and share and share alike with them when you leave here. His banner is white with a blue fireball upon it."

"Şef Koyun Kayıp [Chief Lost Sheep] has been given charge of the scouts, he and his men will be of the most use to you as they are already actively searching for the Buz Canavar [Frost Trolls], the rest of the Şefleri and their warriors are still mustering. His is the green banner with the red ram's head."

Realizing his bloodlust is currently not the best course of action, Rune takes a step back and figures out they might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. Perhaps we should go to the Treacherous Islands and seek out both the Misty Monks and the fortress. There's bound to be something there to help us amount a defense against the Frost Giants. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go find some strong allies to help us, because they could potentially help me save my old town from its hostile takeover.

Having spoken more than his body was used to, Rune crosses his arms across his chest and steps back and waits to see what his comrades thinks is the best course of action.

Şef Maviateş responds to Rune's request, "I fear that your home will have to bear its yoke a little longer, Demir Adam [Iron Man], but if we live to see the Summer again you will find the Mavi Kuyrukluyıldız [Blue Comet] are true to their friends."

The leader of the Blue Comets nod to the Orc's elder who closes the council meeting, "We must return to our tents, there are many things to attend before the Kuzey Birleşik Klanlar [United Clans of the North] are ready to march against the Buz Canavar [Frost Trolls]. When you have found powerful allies, hidden secrets or the great Burç [Bastion] return again and we will determine how best to hold the north against the long winter." The Elder rises and is the first to leave the great tent, other Şefleri congregate in small groups to discuss their preparations as they head for their own tents. The Gate Captain returns to escort you wherever you may wish to go before taking your leave from the Kale [Fort].


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