OOC Duel Belar vs Omega

OOC Duel Belar vs Omega

OOC Combat thread. Post with your intro, and mine will follow. Post actions in a spoiler. Fluff on top.
Dice Roll: 1d13
d13 Results: 9
Map roll

There is a 60' area of murky magical darkness into which you cannot see (unless you can, and if so, good for you). It's edge is 120' away.

A shadow
Dice Roll: 1d20+56
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 75)
flits on the other side of the room. It
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 37)
blurs a bit.

Omega remains cloaked in darkness beyond it's foe's sight, waiting patiently.

The shadow moves shiftly forward, and paused by the stone for a second. When its continues onward, it stares strait at Omega.

{I did roll initiative. You won. You can change that post if you like to reflect combat timing.}

{Meh, its a double move(forgot to say, unsheathing swords. Not that you can see them). Only thing I could have used would have been the swift. Im fine. Although since we are the only ones here, and Im not going to wait for DB Id appreciate it if you rolled where I can see?}

{I did: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthre...71#post4324471}

One moment the darkness was far from the shadowy figure, and the next, it was within it. That's not the worst part though, there's a large...something...trying to kill him. What sucks more is that it's invisible!

{Thats funny. I thought me buffing the **** out of my AC didn't work.. As every one fight has higher AC. I can now gladly laugh at that shadow thing. Also, unless you have blindsight active, you can't see Belar, as I didn't see a spot roll}

{Oh and all the attacks missed.. by alot}

{I have True Seeing, does that not work against what you're using? I have other means of detecting you, but I figured that was enough. Were you not where you were? Otherwise, you're indeed trapped in a nearly inescapable box with an invisible foe. Was the "flits" a stealth check? If I could not see you, then I'd have hit the entire arena with Glitterdust to find you during my Temporal Acceleration time, then done the same actions I have now performed.

Also, can you breathe? If you can't escape the cage, it's airtight, you can't teleport out, and lasts for 26 hours.}


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