OOC Duel Belar vs Omega

{Yes.. It was indeed a stealth check. My bad. Glitterdust just reduces me to 35 for stealth check. It also only lasts for a few rounds. I think im fine for no breathing. Also detect magic kinda defeats invisibility}

{Yup, I have Detect Magic, True Seeing, and I guess I had to use Glitterdust, and will mark off extra pp to account for casting it to find you. You're inside the box though, with invisible enemy. It's your turn btw.}

{I get an AoO for the grapple right? Since it missed.. Been so long since Ive had to use the grapplefail rules.}

{Nope. Those were Attack Rolls, not Touch Attacks. The thing in the cage has Improved Grab. Your touch AC is over 39?! Nicely done.}

{Barely... So I don't get a touch attack huh? Well then. I guess I get to attack a few times. Give me a minute, then check back. Ill edit them in}

EDIT: I need to know if Omega is drow... Or undead, or vermin.

{Dosn't really matter. You glitter dusted the area yourself. I need it to determine attacks made.}

{Well if you can't see either one, then you can't ID it, that's all. Also, without True Seeing or something like it, you don't know what Omega is. Inside the box, assuming you can see the invisible (and not glitterdusted) foe, you realize it is a construct.}

{Actually, I wouldn't technically NEED to see it, but Id rather not say why. It would give alot of my build away. Anyway, you said yourself you would glitterdust the area? And give me a round, Ill have him detected shortly. The Alchemical way}

{Inside: Construct | Outside: Construct and Undead (I told you robot zombie!}


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