Just curious, did you submit any bids yet k012957? I've have. What are your thoughts on filling the positions? I planned on calling a village meeting when I got into town and making the appointments from there. The minus's of not having a position filled are to great not to put somebody, hell anybody in those chairs! Lol!

I have not put in any bids yet, since he said there would be ten to choose from, and has only provided nine. I'm waiting for the tenth before I make a decision.

One thing I asked him was can we fill in a position with a common person... that is, someone who has 10's in every ability score. That, at least, would fill the vacancies.

Hell, when I show up, it's going to be a festival and as I find out who lives there they'll be put into the spotlight as being appointed! Lol! Seriously, if the village elder doesn't like being my Councilar or say, Grand marshal of his communtiy, somethings wrong with him! Imagine the Govenor of your state (if you're in the U.S.) showing up into your town, throwing a party, then asking you if you'd help him out by serving on his cabinet! You'd gain all sorts of prestige and influence by saying yes. And if you said no, maybe your rival would take the slot!

I'd like to wait to put in a final bid until we see the tenth candidate.


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