Discussion and Announcements

Discussion and Announcements

All disscussion pertaining to the game, all things not pertaining to the game, and all things in between belong in this thread. Have at it.

Can we substitute 'Backgrounds' for Destinies from the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (starts on pg 16)?

All mechanical stuff will be delt with after we get a final party, but I am all for using the Backgrounds option for those interested.

With regard to the written background I have, stuff cound be changed around if it doesn't fit. I looked up some inspiration from the wikis, and made up the rest basically. There are hints there that can be drawn obviously for more plot development if need be, some parts were deliberately left... behind the veil, as they were.

I'm excited to get this game rolling! Please introduce yourself and your character breifly and commence character creation discussion in this thread.

First order of business as we get started is to create all of your character's individual threads. If you would all create a thread based upon the following template in the "Character" sub-forum, it would be greatly appreciated. These threads will be used for record keeping as well as public and private (using the private tags) specific character discussion. If you're having trouble with code, I can edit and help.

Hello everyone! Congratulations on being selected and I thank all who subbmitted applications, they were all fun reads. My name is Decker and I'll be playing Fenn na'Mavrain, a grizzled; bitter; old bothan information broker. Well, that'll be the attempt anyways. I like action in my play style and will usually be counted on to 'do' things rather than 'think' about things. Fenn was to meet a contact planetside, but the contact never showed up, hence his reason for being there. He'll have alot of "I remember when..." and "When I was a cub......" stories that he'll be putting out there for discussion. Other than that, I believe that's my intro! Ciao!

In other news, characte creation rules are now posted in the "Rules and Guidelines" thread. So get over there and get those characters written up so we can start playing!

Will Str be the governing stat of Athletics? (As all 3 skills require Str)


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