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i've read the syntax, and i still don't understand the coding for the weapon attack.
Taking the weapon in your first slot (blaster pistol), you would type this:

w is for weapon, 1 is the slot, s is single attack.

Got modifiers, such as point blank?
[sd=w1s]1 1[/sd]
(That's a +1 to hit, and a +1 to damage, respectively)

If, for some reason, you have extra dice of damage, it's the third option:
[sd=w1s]-1 0 1d6[/sd]
(-1 penalty to attack, no fixed damage bonus, but add 1d6 of damage)

When firing your two blasters (slot 2), you'll have to use "f" instead of "s":

You can try it out with the
The preview in "Go Advanced". The quick reply box preview somehow doesn't work.
preview if you don't want to make post.

For completeness, you can do skill checks this way too. I didn't look up my sheet to make Use Computer checks. I just wrote:
[sd=Use Computer][/sd]

That I understand. my issue is how to do it w/o special bonuses. I keep getting "unable to find the game forum"

These dice rolls are quite ridiculous. I got to get used to this force point before the roll thing. I'm so used to seeing what I roll, then applying the force point.
I'd hate to apply one and then roll a 1 and it be completely wasted.

I totally would have thrown a force point on my attack this round if I could do it after the fact.

Yeah, I seem to recall doing so on my first attack,.... and rolling a 1 to hit! Lol! But, therein lay the fun!! Stating its use before the dice roll indicates you don't know the target number you need and your desire to succeed that check! Not everything is destined to happen. A failure can be just as funny and fun depending how its written!!

Ah, I see! It seems to do that on the quick reply box. I almost always use "Go Advanced" - the preview there will work.

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