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Ok. Thanks.

One other question, do we have to get a license for each weapon we have, even if they're the same exact weapon?

Hey gang! Glad to make it in with the lot of you. I've made (most of) Bada's ap public in his character thread. If we are going to have a bunch of social characters, I might take more piloty stuff than gather info stuff?

I've no problem adjusting backstory to fit in with others. I've kept it very light, and we can assume Bada has been stranded here awhile if we need to.

I'll finish up the sheet when i get a chance, need to look at the backgrounds again in RECG.

Don't worry, my character isn't social and might need someone w/ social skills to...hold her back.

You need a license for each type of weapon. For example, you need one for a blaster pistol and a frag grenade, but you don't need a new one for each frag grenade.

Well, I wasn't going to be social, just a good gather information guy, but we have a bothan, so that might be something I explore and add in later. The way the points are working out, Bada might not be the most liked and personable guy.

Originally Posted by freeclint View Post
The way the points are working out, Bada might not be the most liked and personable guy.
Lol! Aren't we all? Lol!

@Black Phoenix - I can be your owner if you like. It makes perfect sense for my character to own a droid. She is even a pilot.

Just a quick note about languages and the LANG tag: the tag uses single words for language, so something like "Jawa Trade Language" won't work.

I suggest using the following "notation" in the language section of our character sheets:

Thanks for clearing that up BlackPhoenix. I'll add the lang tag instructions to the posting guidelines. Do you mind being "owned" by Jaina? She seems to be the most logical choice right now. If that's okay the starting configuration for the party would basically be along the lines of this:

Jaina, Kiki, Veeight - On a mission from the Rebel Alliance to investigate the strength of the Imperial garrison and assess the strength of the local resistance.

Bada - Investigating bounty.

Kyito - In between cons.

Fenn - Meeting a contact.

Does this sound alright to you?

Also, as soon as you're done with your character sheet and finished fleshing out your backstory/apperance/personality, please post in your character's thread so I know you're ready to start playing.

I've PMd Ham Solo for ironing out the details of our shared background. I figured there wasn't much of a point bugging everyone about that!


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