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Backgrounds were really hard for me choose. Chose bankrupt, so that Bada can forage and scrounge and live in a city without money using his survival.

My sheet is up, and I've only to choose my talent and polish the background. Probably taking Blast Back.

For area attacks in starship, you can use them but still only effect one square (ship) but you get to do half damage on a miss. Very nice vs Tie Fighters who are really fragile anyways.

I was pretty sure that was the rule, just didn't want to look it up. Either way, Blast Back sounds like it will be an absolute blast (pun intended) to use. I'll be sure to give you situations to use it.

Just wanted to say, the LANG tag is just about the coolest implementation of languages into PbP games I've ever witnessed! Nice suggestion, BlackPhoenix.

I am unfamiliar with it Quixotico. Could you type and example here in this thread?

I've got you covered Decker. The lang tags are used to hide conversations from characters who don't speak the language. It works by referencing the "Languages" box on your character sheet. I'll provide two examples for your character below.
Example A: Fenn is approached by another Bothan. "Bothese" the newcomer says with a large smile on his face.
(Code: [B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]"[/COLOR][/B][lang=Bothese][B][COLOR="darkorange"]Ra ryski, wesk rul rya,[/COLOR][/B]; [B][COLOR="darkorange"]Finally, someone who understands me,[/COLOR][/B][/lang][B][COLOR="darkorange"]"[/COLOR][/B])
Example B: Fenn is approached by a Wookiee. "Shyriiwook" the newcomer says with a scowl on his face.
(Code: [B][COLOR="Sienna"]"[/COLOR][/B][lang=Shyriiwook][B][COLOR="Sienna"]Rrraaagh rwaa wroo rhaeaea![/COLOR][/B]; [B][COLOR="Sienna"]Out of my way runt![/COLOR][/B][/lang][B][COLOR="Sienna"]"[/COLOR][/B])
You should be able to understand the first one but not the second one. For more information, see this post in the "Rules and Guidelines" thread that I've recently updated. It ceratinly is one of the cooler features (along with sheetdice tags) that this site offers.

I believe I do understand yet was unaware of this feature. That is pretty cool!

I went with Deep Space Gambit instead of Blast Back. Adjusted his gear for a limited BH license (let me know if there is any problem with that Beeblebrox). Adjusted my background for Bankrupt, and gave him an extended unhappy stay on Orto with little to no possessions.
testing my statblock

I take it we're opening w/ Kiko, Jaina, and R2-V8 captured?

Where's Fenn? Is he with you guys/gals/droid? Or is he somewhere else? I don't want to wreck such a cool opening with only Kiko, Jania, R2-V8 and Kaleb if it's just supposed to be them. Nice touch with the music B!

Hence my hesitation to post.

Though on a totally unrelated note, seeing the IC title made me think of the foreigner song.

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