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Sorry guys about the confusion; it is an inevitable problem with starting in media res. I was going to through an OOC tag but I was in hurry to get the post up so I just went with what I got done last night. Yes, every character plus Tikaris is in the alley being investigated by the stormtroopers, who haven't said anything about why they're being held. However, your characters do know that these shakedowns happen regularly, but this one has been going on a bit longer than normal.

I'm glad you liked the intro! I'm glad the music worked; I've never used music in PbP before, and with all of this Star Wars music already out there I figured why not give you guys something to listen to while you read.

I plan to update approximately every 24 hours in order to give everyone a shot to do their thing. I've made some slight modifications to the original post in order to account for the misunderstandings earlier.

Are we each to have our own color for character chat? I originally tried Cyan but found it difficult to read.

Post incoming tonight, must do the final battle in ME2 vs the Reaper, give me 20mins pls!

Well, I've had it awhile and played through without importing from ME1. A couple of weeks ago I picked it up again and played through ME1 to import to ME2. There is quite the difference with the characters from the first one added when you do that. I went through as a soldier last week and just completed it as an Adept tonight. The Shepard/Samara/Garus combo kicks tail with 3 assult rifles and 2 powerful biotics. But that's neither here nor there! Let's work on fenn's post, shall I?

I've been meaning to pick up the Mass Effect series. I take it they're as epic as KotOR was?

Nice fake Bothese by the way.

Yes, pick up both ME's (1 & 2), good plot line! And I didn't know if there was a 'Bothese', so I'll be recording it as I go for reuse! Ty!

I was planning on having Fenn's 'Basic' suck in the beginning, but as game play evolves having it get a little better along the way. I was hoping to use those language tags alot! Lol!

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