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I am back! However, I have a con this weekend, so I might be a bit off-and-on.

(I leave for another family thing on Tuesday, get back on Thursday, and then have another
con that weekend... so... I'll be a bit off-and-on until September or thereabouts.)

I am!

But I'm leaving for a cold, dark, internetless place tomorrow for three days x___x;; .

I'm sorry. I'm here. I had a couple weeks off of work and it was anything but relaxing. Lots of family drama and hospital stuff, but everything's fine, now.

I think, when we get going again,
I have the answer, we just kill all the Imperials,
and claim this world for the rebellion!

Who's with me !?!

^^ This or something like it. I should be back in action around 3-4 times a week, back from the trip. I'm kinda bummed nobody has attempted any dramatic escape plans. I'm sure somebody has the skills to whip up some sort of insane distraction.

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