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I didn't notice the gender split. (Heck, the one non-gendered character even straddles the line.)

Kyito is the face and is the only one who can pass for his own ficticious brother. He'd love to have Vek along to support the family aspect, but two Twi'leks of their description have already caused trouble together. This is all secondary to the main point - she's the pilot and we're in need of a ship, any way we must.

Mykl volunteered for the con, and it's probably for the better. Nothing to do with skill, but simply to do with Imperial bias. He's human, white, and male. Hey, don't look at me like that. I didn't vote the Empire into power! Anyways, as the only Scout, I imagine Kiko will be a great asset for scouting out a ship and staying out of trouble.

Kyito would love to have V8 along for his computer skills, but the droid can do everything before hand and is the best mechanic we have for the ship operation. Speaking of before hand, can V8 aid us in any way on the clothing roll? A map, even?

It's a complex con, yeah, but it's a solid one if I must say so myself. We're not after anything but time, and have a ton of things to offer, nonexistent as they may be.

Pilot, pilot, and pilot XD . She's basically a normal person with exceptional piloting skills.

But eh, Deception/GatherInfo/VariousKnowledges.

Sorry for the lack of updates, Real Life©®™ stuff and all...

Yeah, I'm ok with that plan! But I'm not sure how R2 can help with the fake IDs, as it seems to fall under the Deception skill, which he isn't trained in, but I'm willing to throw in a Knowledge (Bureaucracy) roll if that can help!

I was thinking more along the lines of forging electronic documents, which would fall under Use Computer? At least in part?

Originally Posted by Andraia View Post

Hmmmm.... what should Vek and Kiko do? Vek is going to want to take the most direct course of action available.
The most direct action would probably going in guns ablazing.

I'd be happy to allow a "synergy" aid another check by V8 for Use Computer! I'd post IC and give it a shot to get the ball rolling! And get those gather info checks done too!

Sorry, work's been bad. Post in a minute.

edit: Nice. Mykl, we're dressing pretty!

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