Applications (2011)

Applications (2011)

Please post your applications here. Each application should contain at least name, sex, species, class, and brief background. The mechanics will be dealt with after the characters are selected.

I'll play Datto, a Toydarian male scoundrel.
He has just made a drop of smuggled goods to a contact on the planet. He has been doing that for a few years, smuggling goods along the various trade routes. Not like he had a choice. He had debts to pay off, a lot of debts. He couldn't just up and disappear on some distant planet on the Outer Rim, since
Do they still exist in the rebellion Era?
the Exchange held his family, his wife and daughter, hostage.
When he returned to the dock where he landed his ship, he found the Empire sending a squad through his ship. He could hide behind a container in the docking area, until things cooled of a bit. The ship was impounded, and placed under guard. He escaped back into the city, now without a ship, and desperate to get away, since if he can't send word to his employer soon, his family might be at risk.

EDIT: Concept 2 (preferred, unless we end up with a full party of jedi ):

Qelsat, the male jedi Selkath padawan is one of the last surviving jedi in the galaxy. He understood that the empire was led by the sith, and thus they could detect the use of the force across the galaxy. So he has been careful not to use the force since order 66 was issued, and has kept his lightsaber out of view.
He's currently on Orto, where he is a doctor for the poor and the beggars. Since the occupation by the empire, medicinal supplies have gotten scarce, and people in need have substantially increased. He's also seeing a lot of suffering because of the imposed martial law.
The conflict inside him of being careful to remain hidden, or to finally reveal himself in helping the galaxy as a whole to fight these oppressors is starting to lean towards the latter. So he decided to look around to see if he can scrounge up some like-minded individuals to help him in this endeavor.

Name: Kiko Salen
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Scout (with Force Sensitivity)

Ducchess Jaina Montari

Sex: Female
Species: Human (Alderaan)
Age: 30
Class: Noble
Background: Being born the first daughter of the Montari family, Jaina gained her hereditary title "Ducchess of Torsona". The title granted a small estate and minor privileges on Alderaan. Jaina excelled in school and went on to recieve a formal education in ettiquette at the University of Alderaan. Jaina then went on to represent her family for one term in the High Council of Alderaan. During this time, Jaina was removed from her sheltered life of rolling countryside and literature and exposed to the growing power of the Empire. Her family had been supporters of the Empire, but Jaina grew uneasy with their increasing infringement on Alderaan's autonomy. Jaina never spoke her personal views of the Empire, but began to inquire about the goals of the Rebellion. The Montari family must have impressed someone on Coruscant because Jaina and her father, Duke Flavius Montari were dispatched to serve as Senators for Ryloth in the Imperial Senate. Jaina discovered that Ryloth had human Senators because the native Twi'leks second class citizens. She was disgusted by the rampant crime and the encouragement of the slave trade. Jaina secretly abandoned her new position and lied to her father, saying she had a diplomatic trip to Alderaan. There she sought out rebel contacts on her homeworld and joined the fight for freedom and justice.

Fenn na'Mevrain

Complete as of 09MAY11

Name: Fenn na'Mevrain
Species: Bothan, male
Age: 41
Homeworld: Bothawui
Class: Scout 1 (Former Antarian Ranger/ Merc Scout)
Role: Information Broker/Reconnissance


Name: Kyito Verool (Kyitov'erool in the standard Twi'lek fashion)
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Class: Noble (plan to mix with Scoundrel)
Background: Kyito Verool was born a merchant's son, youngest of five. For most of his early years, he felt overshadowed by his older siblings, and though the family business was impressed upon him, he felt it wasn't for him.
Instead, Kyito's ecclectic interests and natural wanderlust led him off world. His training in the art of trade and sales served him well in a galaxy foreign to him. A silver tongue and sharp wits landed him many opportunities he was otherwise ill-fit for. After seeing the worlds told by the spacefarers his family dealt with, his restless nature returned. Though enlightening, his various jobs no longer challenged him.
Thus began a life of lies, each more grand than the last. When his force of personality wasn't enough, a forged document was normally within his ability. He posed as trade diplomat, a market analyst, safety inspector, datapad technician and a datanet sysadmin. Twice he forged an identity to become a professor of intraplanatary economics at esteemed universities, the last time persisting for nearly four years. Everytime his cover was in jeopardy, he'd pick up and set course for something more outlandish.
Of course, he's found himself required to take short jobs in seedier circumstances. Paranoia served him well, as has a blaster pistol. Small, concealable and simple.
His latest posing had him working aboard the Azure Mynock, a shipping vessel working the Rimma Trade Route. It was short-lived, his career as a comm officer, but he'd grown suspicious of others' suspicions and stayed at the next port, feigning severe illness. Kyito figured he could secure passage off of Orto without trouble.
Trouble thought otherwise...

Name: Villa Tiri
Species: Arkanian Offshoot
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Profession: Engineer's Mate, 2nd Class (Scoundrel 1)

Background: Transfered from one commercial ship to another from an early age, he grew used to being seen as almost a fixture of the ships he was assigned to. It was only later that he discovered that such anonymity allowed for more profitable exploits. With this new perspective, he has since found greater pride in the genetic gifts he was afforded. He relishes the freedoms and opportunities offered by some of his past positions, and so has been striving to be transfered to smaller, more independent contracts, where his skills might afford him the chance to pursue personal projects. Being only marginally removed from the status of slave (in his mind anyway), he tends to have a strong sympathy for the oppressed.


Species: Rodian
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Aspiring bounty hunter (Scout)

Name: Lupo Kadrick
Species: Shistavanen
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Scout

Background: He was born on his Homeworld, Uvena Prime, but, unlike many of the others of his Race, he found himself intensely curious about the other worlds in the Galaxy. Lupo didn't care about the petty xenophobic nature of his people, while he felt in many ways that the -people- of the Galaxy could shoot each other for all he cared, he saw no reason not to at least explore the Galaxy and see what he could find. As soon as he was old enough, he struck out from Uvena Prime on the first transport out. He ended up on Tatooine, and there he found himself a place in a small local Bounty Hunter's Guild, working small Bounties for the Hutts. It was here that he was informed of a new Bounty, a young man who'd recently left the planet...

It was Lupo's first off-world Bounty on Tatooine, and he was determined he would succeed, so he followed the intel he could get his paws on, and followed the trail the man had left behind, leading to Orto, with several stops on the way. His Bounty managed to escape the planet, but he was unable to follow, and now the trail's gone cold, all due to the Imperial's meddling.

Name: Terra Reglia
Sex: Female
Species: Human (from Bakura)
Class: Noble

A doctor in every sense but title. A week before her doctoral graduation, Terra was expelled from the Tiarest University because of her push for the administration to institute new courses dealing with alien physiology. Though her protests were little more than herself and a few undergrads, the University took full offense to their outcries and quashed the group by framing her for selling un-administered tests to other students and consequently expelling her. Without her leadership and conviction the group quickly faded. Terra's cries of innocence fell upon deaf ears from friends and family, as the University had several students as witnesses to her actions. Disgraced by the events, Terra left Bakura to seek an education elsewhere. This too was met with failure as no Institute would admit her with the infraction on her record.

Still a brilliant physician, Terra has found work treating criminals unable to find less conspicuous treatment. Credits earned in this manner she turns around into supplies and transportation to refugee camps. As the Empire spreads its influence across the galaxy, patients of all kinds are becoming increasingly abundant.


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