Applications (2011)

Preferred Character

Name: J'sai Dira
Class: Jedi
Race: Twi'lek

Second Character Choice if Jedi is too much...

Denonahl Chebi
Race: Zeltron
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Class: Scoundrel/Pilot

Denon's Picture

Name: Cei
Race: Duros
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Class: Scoundrel (condition track manipulator)

Cei was named after the fallen Jedi Master Cei Vookto. His parents hoped he was going to be a Jedi, but he lacked the ability to manipulate the force. Despite his lack of force abilities he feels he has to take up the Jedi's former charge of protecting the galaxy. This lead him empathize with the Rebellion and be less than eager in cooperating with the empire. As with anyone of his race Cei is a capable pilot often seeking employment as security for trade ships, either on the transport or in an escort fighter (if the merchant is rich enough to own one).


Gender: "Male"
Species: 2nd degree Astromech droid
Depends highly on available game mechanics and some GM approval, will multiclass to Scoundrel.

(By the sheer power invested to me by the critfumble dice...)

Random Character Generator! :^^:
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 28
Race: (01-68 = Human, 69-70 = Bothan, 71-72 = Cerean, 73-74 = Duros, 75-76 = Ewok, 77-78 = Gamorrean, 79-80 = Gungan, 81-82 = Ithorian, 83-84 = Kel Dor, 85-86 = Mon Calamari, 87-88 = Quarren, 89-90 = Rodian, 91-92 = Sullustan, 93-94 = Trandoshan, 95-96 = Twi'lek, 97-98 = Wookiee, 99-100 = Zabrak)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 75
Gender: (01-51 = Male, 52-100 = Female)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 74
Class: (01-20 = Force Sensitive, 21-40 = Noble, 41-60 = Scoundrel, 61-80 = Scout, 81-100 = Soldier)

Kytana Jade
Source: alicexz @ DeviantArt

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Scout

Kytana Jade is a name that appears on several planets' wanted criminal database. Born on one of the space cities of Duro in 24 BBY, Kytana was the first of two children between Nakari Jade and her husband Teekon Versa, a brilliant engineer and an executive within the Shipwrights Guild.

Having developed a gift for flying at a young age, Kytana and her brother were given many lessons of spaceflight and other subjects by their mother, who has had a clandestine past of her own time.

Teekon had always been a jealous man. One day, while Nakari and the children were out, Teekon came across an old holoprojector containing a message from someone in his wife's past. The mysterious, cloaked young man in the projection inspired so much fear and hatred in Teekon that he had confronted her in a fit of rage soon as she had walked in the door with the children.

Nykari initially denied any knowledge about the holoprojector and its hidden secrets, but soon she saw that her husband would not be easily dispatched without an explanation. No sooner than when she started to tell him the truth, uniformed officers of the Imperial Intelligence service bursted in through the door and, murdered her in split seconds of flashing weaponry.

Kytana and her brother watched, having hidden themselves behind another door, as their father wept and cursed the Imperial officers, uttering his resentment for their tricking him with the promise of not harming his wife for the information he delivered.

Appalled and terrified, the young 14 year old took her little brother and ran, seeking out one of their mother's old friends at Pellezara station for shelter. For some months she had worked there as an assistant to the shuttle mechanic, before eventually fleeing once again in order to evade capture by Imperial troops.

Having found themselves stolen away inside a smuggler's transport ship, the siblings soon grew into the employs of their opportunistic savior and his trade. Now, ten years after she had left the Duro system, she and her brother have made a minor name for themselves in certain blackmarket circles, especially those that would seek to undermine the Empire's efforts.

Character Proposals

Name: Dab Noh
Species: Nautolan
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Scout
Height: 1.83 meters
Weight: 77 kg
Skin Color: Blue
Eyes: Black
Physical Attributes
Dab was always an explorer by heart, getting into trouble often as a child, either by wandering off someplace dangerous or poking his nose where it didn't belong. By the time he was a young man, neither the great ocean nor sparse land of Glee Anselm could contain his curiosity. He took first to the skies, piloting low orbit craft transporting cargo and passengers to and from waiting starships (and frequently going on unapproved joyrides) before later booking passage offworld to see the great beyond. In Dab's mind, the galaxy was one great ocean with its currents and eddies and he supposed that an amphibious humanoid like himself would be best suited to navigating it. With this in mind, he tried to apply to the Imperial Navy as a prospective TIE pilot, but was quickly and resoundingly turned down by the Imperial recruiter, who scoffed at the prospect of him fitting his tendrils into a regulation pilot's helmet. A few extra genetic insults later, and Dab was adrift in the galaxy. Too ashamed to return home and still dreaming of a life in the stars, Dab followed the currents of his fate where they led. Before long he saw clearly that he had no future in the "alien" hating Empire, but he was no happier after his first few forays with those more apt to hire him. Hutt gangsters, Mandalorian mercenaries, Rodian thugs... Even when he was able to prove himself amongst such low-lives, he felt no pride in it. He described the experience "like swimming through a patch of oil." Dab still craved adventure, excitement, and new experiences, but he was quickly growing disgusted with the available paths to reach them. He didn't want to settle into a mundane job somewhere, but neither did he want to become a soulless criminal, and at this point, he wouldn't join the heartless and brutal Empire even if they'd have him. Dab was becoming depressed and discouraged, but he still held hope in his hearts that his destiny lay somewhere in the stars, and that he'd find it soon.
Dab has some basic skills piloting small starships, aircraft, speeders, and swoops, some basic mechanical skill and a natural tracking ability. His fighting skills are rudimentary and mostly theoretical. He carries a blaster pistol, and in an effort to seem more exotic and intimidating (owing to the fact that few people he meets have ever dealt with a Nautolan before), he has taken to carrying around a vibro-trident (vibro-lance), which he has learned to wield in adroit displays of control, though he's never used it in a deadly fight before.
Skills & Equipment

Name: Tol Besst
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Class: Soldier
Height: 2.01 meters
Weight: 118 kg
Skin Color: Tan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Physical Attributes
Born on Alderaan, Tol was always the largest of his peers, and though he had great size and strength, he was fairly timid and suffered a fair amount of ridicule. A young teen during the Clone Wars, Tor supported the war against the separatists and even the creation of the Empire and the dissolution of the Senate, which he saw as self-interested do-nothings. Tor was too young to participate, but was still against the usage of clones (and to a lesser extent, droids) in battle. The idealistic Tor thought this was akin to using slavery or mind control to force someone to fight, and also felt strongly that any cause worth fighting for at all was worth fighting for personally. As such, when he came of age he applied to join the Imperial Army. While he was accepted, he was unable to join the elite Stormtroopers, even after the battle of Kamino forced more and more non-clones into the units. He was, simply put, "a little tall for a stormtrooper." He was given a series of unimportant garrison and security assignments which frustrated him, and several of his friends from Alderaan had argued that the Empire was now doing more harm than good. In the end, Tol asked for and received an honorable discharge. Rather than join the Rebellion, however, Tol took jobs as a mercenary and hired security.
Tol is an Imperial-trained soldier, though he is not average in terms of size, and therefore his personal combat style, though he fits well in a group and understands small-scale tactics. Tol generally wears heavy blast-resistant armor and wears a custom helmet with a full-face reflective visor and a small raised crest down the center which contains a radio antenna and various sensors. He is trained to use a variety of small arms but his main weapon is a large repeating blaster.
Skills & Equipment

Name: Dahl
Species: Zeltron
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Class: Scoundrel
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 64 kg
Skin Color: Pink
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Blue
Physical Attributes
Like many of his people, Dahl is both a performer and a thrill-seeker, enjoying the rush of emotions he receives in these vital activities. Dahl is a talented lute player but also a great connoisseur of different musical styles from other cultures, being a particular fan of Bith Jizz. For years as a youth, Dahl reveled in performing for visitors to his planet, but upon raptly listening to stories of the life on tour by an itinerant Bith musician he immediately got passage off-world by seducing a female captain into taking him aboard. She turned out to be a smuggler and Dahl spent a few short months in a whirlwind relationship with her, learning to love the thrill of breaking the rules and conning the authorities. Dahl's natural abilities were of great use to his paramour, but he began to feel used as well as missing the joy of performing, and so one stop when the crew had to make a quick exit, he made sure he was off the ship. He took up gambling, especially sabacc, which he enjoyed for the feelings of elation by the winners and onlookers, and where he was again well served by his abilities - both in reading his opponents and in smoothing things over after a bad hand or two. He also tried speeder racing, which he decided was too dangerous. After finding himself engaged in a wild bar fight, (well, near a bar fight is more like it), which initially felt awful due to the feelings of anger and fear, but the resulting feelings of relief and elation after the fight concluded were like a drug. Despite his small stature, Dahl took to training and participating in underground unarmed prizefights. The intense feelings from the crowd were as strong as anything he'd felt, and he found he could and anticipate and even manipulate opponents' moves, evening the playing field against stronger opponents. Since he never really hurt his opponents but won on points, he didn't have to deal with guilt or fear. As time went by, he continued to be connected with a shady side of society, and while he generally kept things above board and lighthearted, he became increasingly involved, at least tangentially, in some dangerous affairs. He became a dealer in information, ferreting out secrets from the unwary and building a network of contacts with eyes all over. By travelling periodically as an entertainer, he avoided building a reputation as a significant player in any one locale.
Dahl is a talented musician and composer, a confident lover and a pursuer of love, a diplomat of sorts, and a capable hand-to-hand fighter. He can safely operate speeder bikes, landspeeders, and swoops. He never carries a deadly weapon and refuses to contemplate killing, even among the seedier elements he sometimes runs with. He is capable of using a blaster with a stun setting and various other nonlethal defense devices.
Skills & Equipment

Sweet, Beeblebrox I have been looking for another game of yours.

If it isn't too late I'd like to put my hat in the ring for a chance. The classic era is my favorite. My submission, Addie, is one I made for another game that was over before it started. Sheet is all done so I would just have to adjust for your game rules.

Dolvan Addie

Addie is a young Arkanian doctor, raised in a noble core family. Very bright, he excelled and completed his internship at the prestigious Coruscant General Hospital. Disgusted with the Empire's treatment of non human and even near human races such as himself Addie tried use his position to affect change. Instead he found family and friends being ruined or worse. Fleeing into the mid and outer rim to protect his family he found work on various tramp freighters looking for a cause to join.

Younger looking for an Arkanian, Dolvan has the pale skin and featureless white eyes common to his race. His hair, cut short, is shades of silver and white. He carries a bag over his shoulder, seemingly loaded with equipment.

Having the pride and haughtiness of being both Arkanian and raised in the Core, Dolvan is nonetheless concerned about fellow beings. Although happy to talk to his patients about themselves, he is guarded about his background and life.

Male Arkanian noble with eventual leanings to scoundrel.

I have no problem posting often, even every day if the going is good.

Thanks for the consideration.


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