Introductions and Icecapades

Introductions and Icecapades

The world spins around Jack Fox. A dizzying nausea sets in and he falls to his knees. His eyes and mind are the last thing to adjust to what just happened. He looks down at his hands. Clutched tightly he sees a card with a sphinx perched on top of a wheel. "The Wheel of Fortune...". The words echo in his mind. It was the last thing that Jack can recall hearing from the Man In Black. Shortly after the words were uttered everything began to spin.

Jack looks around at the world around him. His eyes are still adjusting, but its getting better. It is bright here. A far cry from the dark and dank bathroom stall he was in only a few moments before. Instinctively he crosses his arms. It's at that moment he takes in the cold. The cold and the snow. Jack has emerged on top of a mountain. He sees a man the size of a cruise ship lying on the ground. Behind the large men are two cave openings spread about 500 feet apart. The man is wearing a shirt that is stitched together one giant chain link at a time. Laying next to the massive man is a tremendous axe-like weapon on a pole. He finds his feet carrying him towards the giant man even though he doesn't remember asking them too. Upon closer inspection Jack can see that death has claimed this tremendous humanoid. A quick inspection reveals no signs of struggle. Despite his obviously decomposed state, the man does not exude the odor of decay. Jack can only wonder who he was, and how he died.

There are large sheets of paper scattered around the area. Some seem to be spilling from the giant-man's pockets. It's at this moment that Jack realizes that he isn't alone. Laying in a pile of the papers, leaning against the dead giant's side, is a sickly looking man of Asian heritage. He has a breathing tube in his nose and an IV port still in his arm. He is wearing nothing but a hospital gown. At first, Jack thinks he is dead to. Then he notices the man's eyes. They are darting around quickly, taking in everything they can. The man is struggling to breathe and his body is shivering from the cold air, but otherwise isn't moving at all.

"I know it is hard..."
a voice speaks directly into the mind of ZhuGuan Yu. "Very soon you will feel much better... just last through this discomfort..." He feels an unnatural warmth wash over his body. He can't speak to this man who is so close to him now, but he can only take comfort that this guardian voice is watching over him.

Then, seemingly materializing out of thin air several others appear. A tall slender man in his early 30's with a friendly smile. Another man appears next to him. He has brown hair and looks much younger than the man standing next to him - early twenties or late teens. The last of the trio of men also has brown hair, but he sports piercing green eyes, an athletic build and is also in his early twenties.

Time and space seem to shift or distort, like as if someone had reached into it and disturbed it like it was just water. Out steps a golden haired young woman no older than twenty or twenty two. She has large, dark circles under her eyes, but the rest of her exposed skin is drenched in freckles. The most interesting thing about her that catches the eyes of all the others here is the bright orange jumpsuit she is wearing. She looks around at the ice and snow cascading the landscape all around her. There is no sign of the white-haired man that had brought her here, just a bunch of other people who obviously didn't dress for cold weather.

For a moment, the gathered players scan the horizon to see if anyone else will show up. It seems for a moment that everyone else is here, but then they hear it. A low screaming. They collectively look around them trying to find its source, but they can't see it. Then John looks up. He points a finger at something falling from the sky. It's a man. He is screaming all the way down. No one can see what or where he fell from, in fact the sky is clear. Whoever sent him here apparently decided to send him in like a falling star.

Ace slams hard into the ground. A shower of papers flies up and then begin to flutter back down to the ground slowly all around the assembled dungeon delvers. Ace doesn't feel good, but nothing is broken, and no blood has been spilled. A fall like that should have killed him, but aside for some tears and tatters in his clothes, and his equipment being broken (not to mention some aches), he feels fine.

Jared Lees, Human (at the moment!)

Jared was confused to say the least. The last thing he remembered was… well, the tavern and that strange man he'd been sitting with. And then…

His hazel eyes scanned the scene around him and widened as he took in the shape of the dead giant humanoid. "What the hell…" he murmured in a whisper.

His train of thought was interrupted by the scream and he spun his tall thin frame around as the body slammed into the ground. He had only taken a few steps forward when it became obvious that the person who had fallen was ok.

"How…" Jared looked about at the others. "Does anyone have any idea about what is going on here?"

Guan - thinks he has nothing to lose

ZhuGuan, Guan to his friends, would get up to introduce himself but he can't stand. He would ask, "What the hell is going on?" and complain about the cold but he can't speak. He would inspect the strange papers that seem to whirl about him but he can't move. Instead, he focuses very carefully on breathing. Something he is still able to do if only just barely and looks about at those around within his field of vision.

He doesn't notice the giant he's beside. Nothing in his life would have prepared his mind for something like that anyway. Although, nothing in his life had prepared him for this either. Concentrating carefully on breathing he watches and listens to the people and voices around him and tries to read the stray paper that swirls by.

Between breaths the terminally ill man thinks quietly to himself, This must be a dream. Death can't be far. I wonder if there will be a light. He thinks the last bit sarcastically. If it's not a dream then I'll be dead soon if these people don't help me out of this cold. It's practically a win win scenario! Guan had a penchant for sarcasm in his more exuberant days.

Vicky feels the goosebumps form on her exposed hands and feet. Her eyes needs a few moments to adjust to all the white snow after the fairly dark prison room. She looks around, but fails to spot the grey-haired man. However, she does not fail to notice a giant lying on the ground and a lot of papers flying around, in a place that for all she knows could be the Himalayas. There are also other people here, none of which she recognizes. They look just as confused as her, which somehow feels like a good thing.

The old, sickly looked man instantly catches her attention. He looks like he had a foot inside the grave, and staying out here in the cold will put the rest of him there, too. She wants to help him, but is afraid at the same time. What if this is a trap or test of some sort? If she tries to help him and he still dies, will she be blamed for his death? She doesn't want the nightmare of charges against her to repeat...

Before she manages to figure out what to do, she hears a scream and shortly after sees another man crash into the ground. 'Damn', she thinks to herself. 'If this is a second chance, I'll take it.' She rushes over to man that had just fallen from the sky and starts looking for vital signs. "You guys," she calls out to the rest, "Get the old man off the ground. He will freeze to death out here quickly, and the rest of us will follow if we don't find somewhere warmer." 'I sound like my mother,' she hears herself thinking.

The papers flying around catch her attention. She grabs one of them and examines it.

David Reynolds

David blinks his eyes against the chill and the snow. Unusual weather, but the atmosphere felt thin. Were they very high up? A more pressing concern was the enormous, decaying corpse. He walks up to it and sniffs, not smelling anything at all in the crisp air. Some sort of foam prop, then? He nudges it idly with his foot and then glances around, noticing the others arrive. "Some amusement park, right? They really spared no expense. I was half-expecting a bunch of overweight gladiators sparring with foam pipe swords.."He chuckles. McKenna wasn't kidding when she'd said it was going to be total immersion. He sighs, glancing down at his leather jacket, collared shirt, and blue jeans. He wasn't really dressed for any kind of immersion, or even warm enough to be out in the snow.

"Hey guys.." He addresses the others, though his voice trails off as he notices the meteoric arrival of the last of the group. "Woh..." Once its clear he is okay, David clears his throat. "Name's David...I guess you're all here for the Dungeons and Dragons game? I've never LARP'd before, so bare with me..."

When the woman speaks up, he seems surprised. Shoot....yeah that old guy isn't going to last long out here. He glances at the dead giant thoughtfully and then reaches into his pocket to see if he has a survival knife in this pair of pants, but unfortunately he does not. Its just as well, whatever it was made out of probably didn't really have enough insulation to keep the old man warm. Its not like he could just cut it open like a giant tauntaun and stick the old man in there. His eyes look around again, this time focusing on the two caves.

"We can take him to one of those caves...get him out of the wind anyway." He suggest, moving towards the older gentleman. "Please give me your arm..its pretty slick here." He offers, extending a slender, toned arm.

Jack Fox shivered as he approached. "Sure, talk to the guy in the stall," he muttered to himself. "It's not like you had anything better to do today, like, say, go home. It's not like you needed to curl up in a blanket, make some hot chocolate, sit by a warm fireplace...Oh, look, people. Hope they're nice. But if wishes were fishes..."

The oceans would be crowded. Kind of like now: there were too many people he didn't know here; one of them had probably come from prison, and the other from a hospital ward. Just the sort of people you'd want to have a cocktail party with. Also, the guy falling out of the sky probably won't be a happy camper when--

"Woah!" he cried out, jumping away from the body. Still, he caught one of the papers, glanced over it, and pocketed it before looking at the group. "Uh, hi everyone, my name's Jack Fox and I've been freezing for...several minutes. Let's change that, if you don't mind."

Hoping to remedy the situation, he took hold of the old man's other arm. "Alright, crusty, let's get you out of this weather before your eyebrows freeze off."

As Vicky examines the fallen man, she can't help but feel like she has seen him somewhere before. He's somehow familiar, but she can't quite place the face with a name or place. He seems well enough, though from that height he should have quite a few broken bones. His hair and clothes are full of snow from the impact. He'll soon be just as bad off as the sickly man not far from her. He'll freeze to death, and soon as his body heat melts the snow on his head and down his clothes. She picks up a page and the first thing she notes is the size and the weight. It is too big for a normal size book. She looks to the giant man decomposing in the snow and determines that it would be appropriately sized for a book that he could hold comfortably. The paper is also thicker and heavier than the paper she's accustomed to. Each page feels like it weighs as much as a whole magazine does. She focuses her eyes on the script, but it looks like something foreign... certainly not English...

Vicky looks over and sees the man who identified himself as David offer the sickly man a hand up. The man in the hospital gown just lays there unmoving. He doesn't reach for the offered help. She's starting to suspect that he can't. That he can't move.

Jack Fox also could not make anything of the paper he looked over. It could have been written in any number of languages that he can't speak or read just as easily as it could just be scribbles doodled by a child. He does note that the massive writting probably indicates that the titanic creature was the one who wrote the text on the page.

Upon closer inspection, David realizes the man isn't old...still the air is cold and its not getting any warmer. "Jack, lock your hands with mine...sort of a fireman rescue thing, that's it." Locking hand to forearm, they can create a sort of base to carry the sick man. He doesn't know anyone else's name yet so he just turns to the assembled group. "Someone else, help lift him up so we can get underneath him." He glances at the woman in the jumpsuit. She certainly was dressed more for cleaning up the side of the highway than for a theme park. Come to think of it, did he even sign a waver for this? Seems like a lawsuit just waiting to happen. He glances to the other guy, the one who fell from such a great height. Some sort of stuntman who works for the park? Either way, he's going to get real cold real fast lying there. Is he hurt? Is it safe to move him?

Either way, once the hospital patient is safely loaded up, he's going to start heading to the nearest cave. He can always go back to help the stunt guy if he broke something..

Jared Lees, Human (at the moment!)

Jared looks around again, his features creased in a frown. "What's a Larp? Where are we?" A shiver runs through him as a cold blast of wind cuts across the group. Noticing the others helping the sick man, he tries to get a hold of himself and finishes moving over to the fallen man and begins to help getting him into cover. "Anyone got a phone? I'm no doctor but unless we get some help..." He leaves the rest unsaid as he tries to help Ace as best he can.


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