Introductions and Icecapades


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The candle vanishes from Vicky's sight. Whether it appeared in the other room or not is left to learn later.
And technically, do I hear anything?
Far Hearing


"On second thought," Vicky says, "I'm not so sure about the plan."

She turns and looks at the others. "I doubt any of the doors lead to anything immediately fatal. It just wouldn't make sense for the 'sponsors' to take us here just to have us killed right at the start. I believe our greatest threat is splitting too much up."

She waits to see if other second her thoughts. Then she turns back to Jack:

"Here's my suggestion. You take a step into the room. Take a quick look, if it's possible. Then you come right back to us and tell us what you saw. If you don't come back within ten seconds, we'll try pulling you back with the rope. If that doesn't work, we'll follow right into the portal. That way, we'll at least avoid getting separated."

"What do you think?"

Jack had been trying to work himself up to seem brave during the time the others had tried to make his journey easier. By the time the second option was announced, he was just about ready to go. He relaxed with a sigh of relief.

"Alright, fine. That sounds like a much better plan."

As John drew his sword "Well before we go in I suggest someone should see if it magic first before we go in."John hissed as he looked at the glow of his blade.

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria studies the doors as the others discuss their options, trying to sift through her repertoire of newly acquired bardic knowledge to see if she recognizes the phenomenon. It seemed a little too Tomb of Horors-esque for her liking...But without any more clues there was not much else they could do but jump in.

Whether or not he was still concentrating on distant noises or didn't contribute much to the magic portal plan, Hurm simply replied with one word,


Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared been battling a growing sense of curiosity since seeing that both doors were black portals. As the others planned he moved step but step closer to the door. He understood that halflings were a curious race but the urge to look was becoming unbearable. Popping the last of the pie in his mouth, he rocked back and forth on his over-sized feet. Surreptitiously checked that no one was paying too much attention to him, and as he rocked forward he continued the motion and shoved his head through the doorway and then immediately rocked back again.


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