Introductions and Icecapades


ZhuGuan, half-elf

"You know... we're probably making too much of this. This would be a real short amusement for our sponsors if we were to go this early. It can't be that dangerous in the dark. We're probably making a mountain out of a molehill. Probably..." ZhuGuan mutters quietly to no one in particular.

"If any of you go in. I'm going in after you," he says to the others about to go into the dark. "It's not like there's another way out of this room after all."

John Clarke and Jack Fox quickly move through the portal with the latter tied to a rope that is being held in place by Vicky. They do not hear anything immediately from their two explorers. Perhaps there is nothing to see at the moment. The curious little halfling decides to let curiosity get the better of him. He sticks his head through the inky blackness that Allyria is examining. He must see something that catches his eye, because he does not immediately pull it back through.

Allyria does indeed sense magic in the darkness. It radiates strongly as a sort of illusion magic, though it's properties are closer to those of wall-type spells and incantations. It is not just simple magical darkness, but more like some sort o darkness barrier... but it isn't stopping anything from going in.

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

"Seems like some sort of a magic smoke screen I guess... The eladrin ventures speculatively. "Doesn't seem harmful anyway...I'm going to go through in case they need..." What, a song? The power of music? Everything she could think of sounded pretty dumb. "any help.." she finishes, somewhat lamely.

She waits for the halfling to finish his peeking and clear the doorway. She then takes a deep breath, trying to ignore the jostling motion that creates on her chest, and steps through the blackness.


'So much for that plan,' Vicky shakes her head. 'At least we're not going to die of boredom anytime soon.'. She holds on to the rope with her left talon and grabs hold of the halfling's clothes with her right. Very gently, she pulls at him. 'Don't want to hurt him, or even undress him, if it's impossible to pull him back,' she thinks to herself.

Indeed, she begins tugging on the halfling's clothing and it appears that he is stuck.... or his head is at least. Unless his head is gone.


Thinking quickly, Vicky abondons her old plan. "It seems they can't return. I think we should all go in there, to not get separated," she tells those still on this side of the door. Her shield and sword are once again ready in her hand. She pushes the halfling gently through the door before entering herself. She shivers slightly with fear as she does so, for fear of the unknown.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Heh. You're nicer then I would've been Vicky. I would have given our little friend a heartier shove. Come on, let's see what there is, or isn't, to see. Curious little people, always getting bigguns into trouble," ZhuGuan says jokingly and follows the others in.


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