Introductions and Icecapades

Jared spins around at the sound of the voice, skidding slightly in the ice and snow and barely managing to keep both his balance and a grip on his phone.

Another cold blast cuts through him and he suppresses a shiver as he looks at what he first believes is a new-comer to their number. "I'm more than ready to get out of this cold. And he," Jared indicates the sick man. "Most certainly is."

John turns around and every doubt he had went in to anger "You! I need answers where are we, did u send all these other people too, and whats down there." Forgetting that he was helping the man stared to walk towards Snap-On pointing to the caves. "How do you know these things Snap-On?"

The name and image will change once he does

Ace turns as much as possible to see the person talking to them without dropping his aid to David and Jack. Trusting his instincts that anybody who is giving "suggestions" knows what is going on, and likely running this "reality," Ace responds,
"So, if we're not ready to move-"Snap-On" was it-can you suggest what we should do to avoid freezing to death, especially the dying man we're carrying here?"

David frowns. The guy who looks like Steve Carrell's ramblings are making him a little confused. This place did seem a little weird to be an amusement park, even one that caters to gamers. Still, he was carrying some sick guy in a hospital gown. "We're not even close to being read for frostbite either. Why don't you just come in with us and we can talk once hypothermia isn't on the table anymore."

"What?" says the man, a near smile gracing his face with the question, as if it should address the questions all on it's own. "That guy's gonna be fine... but if you just randomly walk into either cave unprepared, you'll be sorry."

He takes a few steps forward, seemingly ignoring John. "Alright, so first thing first: It's important to me that you all understand one thing and one thing only." He pauses for a moment to make sure he has the attention of everyone. His hands then come out of his jacket pockets and begins running them up and down as if to indicate his own body, "This is not me. I don't look like this worthless flesh bag. This is all the gnome's fault."

None of this seemed to be making any sense. This new comer seemed to speak as if he knew what was going on, and if what John was saying was to be believed the new comer was responsible for sending John here.

And look at the rest of them, some one in what looked like prison fatigues, an obviously very sick man who appeared as if he had just come straight from a hospital bed, another who had fallen from God knew where and should be dead...

Again, shaking his head Jared stayed where he was, slightly apart from the others and tried to remember what had happened before he got here. He remembered sitting with the pale man in the bar. And then not being able to move... had he been drugged?

Then everything was blurry, but he could hear the man's whisper of a voice in his mind, 'You are the tool I need to win. An empty vessel, to be molded into the perfect playing piece. Ah, this time I can't fail... '

There was more, Jared was sure, but he couldn't remember it for now. "What the hell is going on? What do you mean 'The Gnome'?"

Guan - probably cold in the hospital gown

Guan labored to breath in the frigid air. At least the others that had come to this place were willing to help him. The man in his late 20s was easily hefted. His body gave no resistance and was clearly very emaciated to weigh as little as it did. One person would likely have little difficulty carrying him even in the inclement weather.

He briefly had made eye contact with a person he didn't know and his gratefulness shone in his eyes. Although his body was clearly wasting away it was apparent the mind trapped in it had not given up yet. He hadn't quite expected things to work out this way. Something he hadn't quite understood in the original bargain. He thought he would be walking immediately. Apparently, that wasn't the case. He did expect to be in a life threatening situation immediately. As he struggled to breath with the rough handling from his well intentioned but clumsy Samaritans Guan realized he had at least gotten that last part right. They aren't nurses or doctors. They wouldn't know.

A gnome... Guan heard the exchange although he was not in a position to see who was speaking. Strangely that did make sense although, he wasn't quite sure why it would have. It's part of the deal. Well, not the gnome specifically. This "place"... Some days his inability to communicate was a little inconvenient.

Guan shivered in the arms of those who held him as he waited for the group to finish being distracted by Snap-On.

"Oh, what?" says the man. "Oh, don't worry about that, forget I mentioned it." The man almost seems absent-minded, or scatterbrained. It's like he isn't formulating thoughts like a normal person would. "So, I'm special, and so are all of you. But I'm more special. You should remember that. I'm a cleric and made of metal, but despite what it says on my butt, I'm no one's property. Wait, that's not there now."

The man named Snap-On puts a hand to his chin as if in thought about his ramble. "What was the question?"

"Man, you've lost it. I don't know about the rest of you, but those caves looking even more inviting now." Jared turns his back on Snap-On and takes a few more steps towards the shelter of the caves.

"No wait, didn't you hear me? I'm trying to help you here." explains Snap-On. "I'm explaining things."


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