Introductions and Icecapades

"No. You're not. Really. And unless you can give me a good reason to stand out here freezing when there is perfectly good shelter over there..." Jared stops and looks back as he talks. He's unsure what the others think, but getting out of the cold seems like a better and better idea the more that time passes.

The name and image will change once he does

"Pay starts at eight hundred and can go up to an estimated fifty-six-hundred depending how randomly you accept your assignment...."
Wait, wasn't it one thousand and six thousand?

"STOP," he shouted to the person (Jared) heading towards the caves!
"If you go in there, you'll possibly hurt yourself forever!"

Ace was completely confused why he said that. Then, oddly enough, for reasons he couldn't explain, he accepted what he remembered about the Fates then and what he just remembered now as both correct, but at different times. Thinking about this, he realized he had that "sinking feeling of inevitability" again, just before he fell, and began to intuitively (if not rationally) understand what the caves were as if all their Destiny would come from it.

Going on that "hunch," he responded to Snap-On the "Cleric."

"So, if we go into the caves, how we turn out for side is up to chance, and the other side we can...decide how much we turn out, the cost or bonus being our gold and other things, not counting our special boons we can take after our...crafting?"

Any other time if we were talking like this, he would have accepted he was "blowing it out of his ass." But somehow, he knew the "echoes" of the Fates were murmuring true to him, at least on this.

"Wait? What?" says Snap-On, seemingly confused. "You aren't suppossed to know that yet Ace. Who told you that? It was Barnabus wasn't it...." Snap-On seems angry at that moment, then his mood changes again. "Okay, sorta right. I guess I already started telling you. Where did I leave off?"

As John stood there annoyed by being ignored he was about to say sometime then bit his tongue."Well if your going to help us can you help us quick were freezing."

The name and image will change once he does

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As John stood there annoyed by being ignored he was about to say sometime then bit his tongue."Well if your going to help us can you help us quick were freezing."
Soaking wet and beginning to freeze himself, Ace simply said one word to John's practical (and understandably irritated) reply,

Vicky shakes her head at the conversation. 'This is going nowhere fast', she thinks to herself, 'and adding anything of my own will most likely be a bad idea at this point'. She agrees that they needed to get out of the cold, and soon. However, she isn't very keen on just marching up to the cave. This 'cleric' obviously believes that it would be a bad idea. For all she knows, he might be mad, but being mad doesn't mean he can't be right.

While the other discusses away, she walks up to the sick man. Somehow, she was completely mistaken at first, he isn't very old at all. Just in a very bad physical state. She meets his eyes and sees that they are sharp, but he seems somehow to talk. "Don't worry, I'm physician," she tells him, hoping he understands English. 'Well, at least was,' she thinks to herself.

Lacking any equipment, she has to improvise. She puts her finger on his neck to find his pulse. It's weak, but seems to be stable. She puts her hand under her armpit to warm it up a bit before laying her palm on his chest, to feel his breathing. 'He won't last very long, even if we get him somewhere warm.'. She tries not to let her face betray her thoughts. There is very little she can do for him, except prevent him from freezing to death straight away. She takes a few of the larger sheets of the papers and wraps them around his body. "This will feel a bit cold at first, but it will help you conserve your body heat."

Without having her equipment to do a proper examination, there is a very short list of things that she thinks could be wrong with him. ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is at the very top of that list. If she's right, she would guess that he is in the final stages of the terminal disease. Cold or not, without aid to help him breath, he'll be dead within' and hour or two at most. She looks down at his wrist and sees the band on it. She can easily make out his name, ZhuGuan Yu.

"Oh... I didn't realize you were all in a hurry. I'm sorry." states Snap-On. "Well let me introduce myself, I'm Snap-On and I'm a warforged cleric. And the first thing you need to know is that this is not my body." He pauses briefly. "Wow... Déjà vu... it's like we already did this... anyways, welcome to the dungeon. This will be your home until you can find a way back out. I am John's Sponsor. Each of you have your own Sponsors. I know some of them, and I will soon meet the rest. We will be your life line in the dungeon. Mostly me, probably. You see I died in that very same dungeon. My body was destroyed. Somehow I was fused with the magic in the walls of the dungeon." He raises his arms up to the sky as he raises his voice, "NOW I AM THE DUNGEON!!"

David can't help but chuckle at that last bit. Reminded him of that bit character in Earthbound. "I AM DUNGEON MAN". Still the rest of it seemed a little bit weird. So Strap-on the Warforged was another LARPer then? And he's out of costume? His backstory was pretty weird but whatever works.

"Alright, dude....listen I haven't made my character yet.." He hefts ZhuGuan Yu a little, shifting the man's weight in his arms. "But its nice to meet you."

As John listened to Snap-On's rant he was confused he didn't know what a "warforged' was or in that case a "cleric" was. John rubbing his arms looked at the sick man "Ok I'm sorry you died and all in that dungeon but if we don't move he's going to die before we even go inside ."

"Hey, I just flew in from the bathroom stall and boy are my arms tired," Jack piped in, having been silently carrying the Asian man for a bit. "So it's real nice and all that you're telling us your back story and everything, but how about you stow it for a bit, make a book out of it, give me the draft, and I'll edit it, free of charge. Trust me, I've been paid to write things before." He shifted the old man's weight around, but it was clear that he was wanting to start moving again.

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