Introductions and Icecapades

"Okay fine..." sighs the young Sponsor. "You'll understand soon enough what you have all gotten yourselves into. As I said, I'm one of the Sponsor's who sent you all here. The important one. Some of you know more about your own Sponsor than the others do theirs. Whether you were sent here by a mysterious voice in your head, or a shady man who meets with people in a bathroom stall, you were brought here for a purpose. Your Sponsor saw something in you that made you worthy of their attention."

"At any given time during your stay in the chaos strewn dungeon you are about to explore, one or more of your Sponsors may visit you. Just not in person. I am the only one who will be able to physically interact with you on the inside. Because of my, you know... death and rebirth in this crappy non-mechanical form..."

shouts Snap-On. "Both of the cave entrances you see will take you to the same place. But each one is a different journey. The cave opening on the
left will take you feet first into the uncertainty of destiny. There you will surrender yourself to whatever fate has in store for you. Going to the
right means that you have chosen a broader path, indicating that you will try to take control of your destiny, at least in some fashion. So choose wisely suckers!"

"Oh, and you'll need these. You'll learn more about them in the store."
Snap-On takes a keyring out of his pocket It has two rings on it that appear to be made of crystal. He hurls the keys into the air towards the collected group and as it travels it seems to multiply. Each person gets pelted by a set of two crystal keys. Some of them catch them. ZhuGuan Yu gets struck in the chest with them and they slide off into the snow.

Snap-On begins laughing hysterically, "ha ha... he can't catch..." With that, the strange man seems to fade from view until he is gone from sight, leaving the soon-to-be heroes or victims left standing out in the cold again with very little useful information.

Ace looks over at the two cave entrances and he swears that he can see the Moirae hovering over the left entrance, beckoning him towards it.

Jared looks from the keys in his hand to the place where Snap-On had been. "Great, magic. Just what we need. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm sick of standing out here in the cold. I'm going for shelter. I'll see you inside."

With that Jared continues on his way to the left cave, and enters the dark entrance without slowing...

AS John stood there staring at at the pair of keys in his hands he wondered which way to go."So the left is an uncertain... this whole place is uncertain." John took a long breath and started to the left entrance of the cave.

Jack looked down at the man he was holding, then at both entrances. "Well, crusty, you can't get any worse." He carried the man over to the left cave, and thought, I certainly can't either.

David frowned as one by one, they chose the left cave. It seemed risky...why lose control of one's destiny? He helps Jack to the cave entrance but stops short. "You guys go on ahead, I think I'm going to check out the right side. I don't want to risk ending up as something weird."

He pauses to see if anyone will follow him to the other side. After a moment, he shrugs and walks to the left cave entrance, entering the cave with some trepidation.

The Choice

Not for long! The name and image will change once he does

Ace places the crystal in one of ZhuGuan Yu's (hospital robe or gown) pockets, and helps Jack carry him over to the left cave. To the Moirae triad, (whom he assumes only he can see,) he gives an accepting nod, knowing what he has to do.

Like I said, full random baby....God, if you're out there and can still hear my prayers, please look after us going into random Destiny...hmmm, I wonder if that's the Fates' cousin or some....

His thoughts are interrupted as they step into the cave, and his Destiny begins.

Vicky examines the crystal keys so closely that she misses everyone going on ahead. She gathers up her wits and hurries after the others. 'Left was leave stuff to fate, Right was take control?' She watches as most of them take the left. 'I don't even believe in fate... and I'm supposed to take control of it?'

The decision seems to weigh heavily on her shoulders. She shrugs and sighs. 'There is far too little information to make a proper decision. In addition, there's a risk that this somehow is an illusion or a dream...' She quickly turns around and gazes around the landscape, trying to spot any clues of hidden cameramen or anything like that.

A cold shiver down her spine reminds her that she is getting cold far too quickly. There seems to be ultimately three choices, and staying outside seems to be the only that is certain. It will most certainly mean her death. 'Strange,' she thinks to herself, 'an hour ago, I was aching for death, and now I want to live.' The thought lifts her spirit somewhat.

With slightly stiff steps through the heavy snow, she makes her way to the left cave. 'Whatever 'Fate' has in store for me can't be worse than what it has already thrown at me...' she assures herself with.

'... I hope,' she adds quietly.

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